Cat mat mini quilt

My oldest cat, Maya, will do anything for warmth. Her second name is Seat Thief – the moment you stand up, or even dare to lean a little off your chair reaching for something, she just appears there instantaneously. She magically transports to your lap without you even knowing until it is time to get up and you’ve discovered yourself catnapped. She’s a sly one. When not absorbing your body heat, one of her chosen spots in the house has always been on top of my sewing box, as it has a little bit of padding and is near enough a lamp that I suppose it is ever so slightly more warm than elsewhere in the house.

When we got a new router, its temporary home was on the same bookshelf. I guess it gives up enough heat that upon discovering it, she sacrifices a wee bit of comfort, as it has become her favorite spot to nap (she has a heated pad in her bed that she shares with my other cat which is on a timer for nighttime).

She’s small, only weighing just over 5 pounds, so she makes it work. For that reason, we haven’t moved the router yet, but every day I see her there and I just think she deserves something more comfortable!

So I dug through a lot of my scraps and pulled together a little mini quilt to lay over the router for now.

I used coordinating fabrics from two different sets, though I have since lost their identities, and added quite a few scraps from who knows where, all mostly cut from 2.5″ charms or 5″ rectangles. I was definitely not shooting for perfection here as I slaved away in a single day to address Maya’s immediate need for more comfort as she watched over me from the router.

To quilt it, I just used a basic zigzag stitch down the long seams. My favorite way to bind things these days is to use the backing as the binding, so I did that here, and then added zigzags all around to finish it off. No contests will be won with this one, I assure you!

I think Sasha now needs something. She isn’t the type to perch in a single spot all day – she likes to be in whatever room I am in, making sure I don’t get into any trouble so she has quite a few favorite places. But she does require a little foot stool to get onto my bed these days, now that she has some arthritis issues. My gramma gifted it to her, and the fabric is old so perhaps a makeover lies await in its future, hmm?

This is not the stool in question, as we both like the vintage look of the turtle, but she can’t thank my gramma enough for it, she loves it so much! :)

Update: Of course she likes it ;)

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