Swan boutis bag

Heyo heyo! I don’t know why it has taken me so long to finish this bag, but here it is! You might remember my first foray into the world of French boutis – I took that pattern and altered it a little to add my own little swirly heart design and I used a swan image I found somewhere online.

This was the perfect hand craft to take with me on my trip to Africa. With the constant travel and limits on packing, French boutis needs so little supplies and is relatively easy to accomplish in varying lights or in bumpy transportation styles – especially when not seeking perfection, of course!

That said, this bag didn’t come home unscathed. If you notice, there are some places where, when pushing the yarn between the layers, my toothpick poked right on through the good side. Oi! As much as it bothers me on a perfectionist level, it is still a cherished bag because I’ll never forget where I was making the majority of it! 

In fact, to mark the occasion, I stitched a reminder in the inside (like I will ever forget, ha!). It reads: Journey through Africa 2019, in my own handwriting.

Thanks again to AveryClaire NeedleArts for teaching the original kit!


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