WIP-TAST-ic Wednesday 39

Speaking of the beginner’s crazy quilt course, I sewed together my first block. While I enjoy the colors together and do plan to use this in a different project, I’ve decided to sew a different color combination for the purposes of the class. You’ll see that maybe by next week! It’s basically paper piecing, but on the muslin foundation. That made it a wee bit extra annoying (shove all that back under the needle, smooth it out, stitch a few inches, pull it all back out, clips the threads, iron it, shove all that back under the needle, and repeat, repeat, repeat), but I think that once I complete one, I would enjoy it so much more. You know, because I can think about the awesome end result!

As far as the TAST portion of today’s post… Well, I’m still not there yet. I sent off my book chapter edits but I recently got my tourguide comments back so now I need to work on that. And I enrolled in some online classes at StackSkills to amp up some of my skillz (it’s like Craftsy but for tech stuff; PopSci runs some awesome discount deals). I don’t like having too many pots on the fire so TAST is taking a step back since it’s already on that back burner in a house in a few villages over…Have no fear – I will return to it!

PS I updated the gallery over in the Library.