WIP-TAST-ic Wednesday 10

It is best I have been super busy working with Boy, else I might get too use to my early + temporary retirement. Sigh. All I have to show you is this week’s TAST which is the couching stitch. I have it all planned. The trick is that I intend to only use the basic couching stitch – straight stitches only. I know there are many other combinations (knots, herringbone, buttonhole, etc, etc) but I couldn’t possibly fit all of them on a little triangle pennant so I narrowed it down to the basics.

My hours have changed back to normal at the candy shop (they get truncated a bit through winter as much of the foot traffic is quite dependent on weather conditions) so with a longer shift, perhaps I will be able to squeeze in more even if I keep working at the office a lot (the flip side is that with changing weather, the store gets busier, so this is actually unlikely but one can dream;). Boy has slated me to go on-site for a couple of companies now, so I am beginning to question if I should say I am still in “early + temporary retirement”; I’m starting to feel like I just officially work at the office! That sneaky kid…

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