WIP-TAST-ic Wednesday 9

I completed the blanket I have been working on, so I will post that separately once I get some nice photos. I took several already, but this cave-house of mine irks me to no end with lighting! I must wait for either a sunnier day or Boy’s help. (On our recent spectacularly warm sunny day, I spent it all outdoors raking acorn and twig debris off my backyard, loosening the bare dirt beneath, and tossing on grass seed, followed by a good soapy + windex-y window washing inside and out all around! Yes, today’s muscles regret that.)

I cheat a little, too, today because I only finished last week’s TAST earlier this afternoon, but I pre-dated it to yesterday here on the blog to keep organized (I don’t want to include a finished project in my WIP posts).

And that brings us to today’s WIP, which is this week’s TAST – the cretan stitch! I have it all planned out and will hopefully make good progress on it before the weekend. This is a brand new stitch to me so I am super excited to practice it!


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