WIP-TAST-ic Wednesday 4

I am getting ready to embark on a stellar foundation-pieced project so first I wanted to practice. What better place to turn to than Craftsy these days? I found this freebie Rose Paper Piecing by Jikta Designs. I did want to make it in yellow, but I didn’t really like any of my fabrics for a rose. I went with pink instead, all but one being inheritance from my late grandmother. The dark blue background is also hers (though the floral green isn’t, and I really want to use that as a complimentary fabric for whatever it turns into).

Thus, I call this “Hester’s Rose”. It is a WIP and will remain as such for quite a while. I don’t have other plans for it yet. Maybe a pouch. Maybe part of a larger quilt. Maybe a mugrug. Someday, it will find a home, I just want to wait for the right thing. Just in case it takes me longer than imagined to do just that, I embroidered the year on a seam allowance on the back. That should keep me on my toes! I don’t think my gramma really ever knew how much I got into crafting (I was late in the game, and she had dementia before passing away). I know she’d be tickled to see this and would probably say, “Bless your heart”. Someday, that phrase will be stitched!

And TAST this week is the Detached Chain Stitch (also most commonly known as the Lazy Daisy stitch, though it has many names). Things didn’t go as planned today so as you can see, only some research was had. No actual stitching (or even design planning) to speak of just yet but I am not worried in the slightest! We are still in the “basic” realm of stitches so it will stitch up quick!