Small finishes

You may recall the Monoprice Ultra-thin Light Table pouch I made, yeah? Well, I made it only for the size of the lightbox, knowing I would have to do something for the power adapter. I simply made a small matching bag, and tossed it in a basket that has other power adapters. But, with it in the bag, I know exactly what it belongs to! Why didn’t I think of that with the others?

A second project I completed was from my embroidery guild. It was a winter-themed candlewick exercise to teach the colonial knot (which I had learned I preferred over french knots with my first candlewick project!). After I embroidered it, I was not sure how to make the finish. But then a banner came to my mind, and ta-da!

Yet another thing I did before the holidays was quilt some linen fabric I had chosen last summer for my window seat. I will post more about it once I finally complete it, but I am getting better at understanding the machine!

I hope to be more regular in posting for 2018, but of course, don’t count on it! I know you feel me. But I am joining a weekly challenge for embroidery (Take a Stitch Tuesday ((TAST)) at Pintangle), and think I will plan a Work-In-Progress (WIP) Wednesday weekly which might prompt me to finish some of the ideas in my head. I might attempt one other weekly thing, so we will see how all this goes, how long it lasts, and what I can accomplish. This year was all about adjusting to a new lifestyle, yet once again, as my work-life balance shifted dramatically. But I got all that sorted out now, yay!

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  1. What a lovely little banner. Did you ever see the bunting on Mary Corbett’s site NeedlenThread. I know I have the location saved on my “Where was I” page and when I find it again I’ll send it too you. Don’t hold your breath though, that document is over 300 pages long.
    I’ll be taking part in TAST too, putting my endeavors into an altered book. So excited to participate in this. See you at the gathering tomorrow.

    • Thanks, Brenda! I don’t think I have seen her bunting, but I will go try to find it! I know exactly what you mean – I have so many things saved, myself:) I look forward to seeing what you and everyone else whips up this year in TAST!!

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