Troweling around: archaeology trowel holster

As an archaeologist, I own a trowel. They begin as mortar trowels, but we sharpen them to cut through dirt. Ergo, you need an archaeology trowel holster. The ones you can buy are bulky and have a small amount of weight to them. I wanted something different. Enter Boy and his leather. I used a white pencil to trace around the trowel blade, some leather scissors to chop it up, a leather needle and sinew to sew along the sides, and a leather tong to make sure the holster stayed put once in my pack.

archaeology trowel holster: trowel_holster_1

archaeology trowel holster: trowel_holster

I am pleased with the results! I just got my pack last week and am currently in the field (for a total of eight plus if you can believe it!). So far, things seem to be working ok and I needn’t be concerned of my trowel damaging any other goods or the pack itself. Bravo me! Time will tell if the continued use will wear out the sinew. Fingers crossed!

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