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Boy hasn’t had much of a chance to help me with the parts of the website puzzle I am too newb to figure out. He was looking in to it tonight, and then realized that there must have been a security hole as something odd appeared and now he is working on that…silly hackers.

The reason I decided to post tonight even though I was hoping to wait until I unleashed my new site design before updating, is because it is a clue to the future look of this site, ironically enough.

Anyway, my niece’s 5th birthday is coming up and we normally do not invest in wrappings and such (a little anti-consumerist, you may call it, even on the gift-giving side of things). Normally we do things like wrap gifts in newspapers with a bunch of old crappy ducktape we have on hand but I felt like she would have appreciated a little fun and I sure needed some myself.

A quick search gave me this idea. I have a lot of scrap paper (tiny pieces, to make my own paper some day), and thought I could decorate this plain brown bag I had. A little bit of hemp string, a hole punch, and sticky 3D squares later…

Impromptu decoration of a plain gift bag using scrap paper

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