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Our old front door had a huge gap all the way around it. I mean seriously, that’s where most of the bugs and critters were probably coming from (not to mention where all the heat and air were going to). We found a perfect front door, but since our circumstances have changed (I will explain that in a later post:) we went for a cheapy one and had it installed the other day. The plans for building a small deck are also on hold, but imagine one from the door and under the bay window so my patio furniture has a home. The plans for painting or siding the house are also on hold. Imagine it cute, and happy colors, not prison grey! New light fixture, maybe even shutters or flower boxes. Who knows, but I’m thinking cottage-y. I hope to start cleaning up the yard when it gets cooler (what is up with this massive heat wave of 110+ degrees all the time???) but under that little bushy thing on the left is a mint plant and hiding around the corner is a raspberry bush!
new front door
We’ve also had quite a number of nasty storms blow through with tornadic winds. So far, aside from sore muscles after uncountable days of picking up sticks, this has been the only real casualty since that half-a-tree we cleaned up before. And although it hit the roof, gutter, window, and air conditioning unit when it fell (and woke me up), nothing was harmed!
tree limb on house And here are two options I brought home from the store for tile. Although I really liked the one on the left (especially after turning it so the little diamonds were squares instead), I felt like it may date the kitchen. The one on the left matches the colors more anyway, and the dilemma of the wall with the doorway is easier solved with the rectangle pattern. If the store had enough of them last week, it would have been installed by now, but alas, we could only buy half of what we need. :/
kitchen backsplash options

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  1. Haha I don’t think so! I got mine at Target though, and they are super good quality at a reasonable price. Check the store around fall when they go on sale:)

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