We had a really rough storm blow through when we got back from NYC. Our house wasn’t attacked by Mother Nature as much as other people I know, but we did have a pretty sizeable amount of limbs to pick up. (Other people were without power for a few days, or had many full sized trees completely uprooted.)
Broken tree limbs from storm
Mother Nature has also been sending in hoards of unruly insects into my house. This includes giganto carpenter ants, a plethora of spiders, what we think was a cockroach (it got away too fast to know for sure), beetles, mosquitos (yes, inside the house too), centipedes, wasps, and crickets. Boy and I decided to go full on head to head with the evil armies and created a Master Plan to Destroy Bugs and Protect the Sanity of the Household. Although I have an aversion to chemicals and whatnot, I just can’t stand waking up with bugs in my bed, or in the shower, or in the kitchen, or stepping on them, or sitting next to them, or anything with them considering their large and growing population and diversity. A spider or ant or two, whatever. But they have been coming in droves. Who will win, I wonder?
Master plan to destroy bugs

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  1. Would it not be cheaper to hire an exterminator – Don’t forget the girls shouldn’t be around some of that stuff – so I hope you all read the labels –
    Glad to hear the trees stayed away from the house.

    • I highly doubt it would be cheaper, but we bought an assortment to try out the different products. And yes, of course we are thinking of the cats – our plan is human and pet friendly.

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