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Since i have couches/tools/hutches/etc in my bedroom and craftroom, fridges in my living room, tables in my laundry room, and cabinets in my garage, the serenity necessary for me to feel crafty is at an all time low. But my tendency to have my hand in too many pots is as strong as ever so Ive started to work towards better photos for this here blog of mine. Thanks to Aperture and my inherent whim to click-and-learn by trial-and-error, I should be churning out much more lovely photos. I may never be *good* but I promise i will be better :D

Evidence A, Original vs Lovely:


I currently use a Nikon Coolpix P50 (point-and-click) and lack interest in using a DSLR, though if I ever did feel like it, I could use Boys Nikon D70. He has several lenses and filters and know-how but for some reason Im more of a Snap! kind of girl. Personally, I feel like if i sit there trying to get one good photo by taking a bunch of time prepping and adjusting the camera, then Im missing out on *being* there. (But I do love how Boy doesnt agree, so that we can have awesome pictures;)

Anywho, this skill is obviously a work in progress. Plus, i will have to plan for the resizing involved in uploading since some distortion happened. But fear not, I will pursue lovely photos in lieue of boring ones. I touched up a little spot above the boathouse, straightened the pic a wee bit, and of course gave it some color (what do you guys think? do you like the hyper-realism or is it too much?). In fact, if you are pretty snazzy taking pics or editing them, what tools do you use? What are your must-have items or steps you take? Any tips you want to share? I know Im not the only photo newb around so giveth your advice in plenty, por favor!:)

And remember: I am a mere 2 posts away from sharing something extra special for my 100th post:D Yay!

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  1. The water is lovely but the sky is a little too much for me. When I first touch up pictures I do it directly in iPhoto, adjusting the exposure, contrast and saturation as needed, sometimes the temperature as well.

    If I need to do big works on my pictures then I take out the Gimp. I’m far from knowing everything on the Gimp but I’m learning each time I uses. My favourite trick is to make the picture B&W while keeping a focus object in colour.

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