Giveaway End!

Well, gosh golly gees!

I had no idea how resounding the turn out would be; you all made me blush:) I want to thank Sew Mama Sew for this opportunity and a HUGE Thank You So Very Much to you all for leaving me so many comments!

I was given around 400 different favorites which will really help me choose new books! If you were wondering who the most popular choice is (yes, i have a spreadsheet going like any proper dork would), Jane Austen tops the charts, and Pride and Prejudice is her most favored.

I suggest to you guys my own favorite author: Guy Gavriel Kay. The Fionavar Tapestry is my all time favorite, but I also recommend Tigana, A Song for Arbonne, or The Lions of Al-Rassan. But hes not for everyone, and this I know (although i dont quite understand;).

I also added you guys to my RSS feed so i can check out your sites when I have the time – count me as a follower!

Good luck on all the contests you entered, and I will announce the five winners sometime today:)

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