photo dump

I got my new memory card reader, yay! So as promised, here you go:

I took Sasha out in the snow. The coldness didnt bother her, but the depth of the snow did, so she stayed near the house.


Maya checked out Tofers new bookcases.


The evil damage caused by an even more evil pothole…


Experimentation with different styles and fabrics for bookcovers. I finally got the pattern and specifics worked out. I am out of practice mode, and they look really great (much better than these below). Check back soon for a tutorial!


Some birthday cards I made, using my Cricut and the Wild Card cartridge.


This weekend, ill post more on the other crafts I made.

One thought

  1. your kitties look too cute w/ their winter coats (not that they didn’t look cute before, but you know i’m partial to the long haired kitties). AND i’m jealous you have a cricut, AND i feel your pain, i had to replace 2 tires already this winter… and my tires aren’t even that old! :( did i tell you about the screwdriver story? ugh, that’s for a long email.

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