mouse catchers

I was working on a crafty project (pictures in future, i swear! so much to catch up on!) and heard some clash-clang-rattle-rattle coming from the kitchen. Never a good thing – this typically means the kitties are on the counters, where they are not allowed to be. As i was walking towards the kitchen, i was met in the hallway by two running cats, and it looked like Sasha was bringing me a toy. Only, i realized it was Maya instead, and that is not her style, so upon closer inspection, i realized it was a mouse.

I thought it dead, and told her good job, and watched as Sasha stole it and ran out of the room. I went back to crafting.

Longer story short, it actually wasnt dead and once i realized that and saw it hopping around like the cute little field mouse that it was, I didnt have the heart to allow my well-fed girlies to kill it in sport. I managed to rescue it, it checked out ok from what i could tell, and i let it outside where it merrily bounded off.

Those two girls…

One thought

  1. Charlie brought one to the porch this morning, so very helpful…but I buried it in our little critter burial ground and sent him on his way to field mouse heaven

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