circa 2000, end

And the finale from the last postings…

Project G: Bottled Stars


When Snapple first came out, i loved the shape of the bottle. I was also into making oragami stars at one of my other sit-around-and-do-nothing-but-get-paid jobs. I simply painted the bottle and filled it to the brim. Don’t ask me why.


Project H: Link, our favorite hero!


A gift to my boyfriend. I used an image from the manual of a Zelda game. I think with this one, I had done the grid enlargement technique (draw a grid on the original, and a grid on your canvas, and focus on each square individually to enlarge the image). I painted it with whatever paints i had. Not too shabby.

Project I: A sweet baby dragon


I used clay and finished it off with glaze. I copied the shape from somewhere but I have not a clue where.

Project J: Sweet gifts


So i have a romantic side, and what? I made the box from scratch – cut the wood, nailed it together, stained it, added the hinged and metal details. I found a cool jar somewhere with a wooden lid. Each of those oragami stars I think said “i love you” and every note in the box was burnt around the edges, tied with a little string, and said something about him that I loved.

Project K: Sheepcake and Sushi rolls


For my boyfriends birthday, his sister and I made a sheep cake out of marshmallows, and sushi rolls out of rice crispy treats and fruit rollups. Quite the combination.

Thats it for now! Yay!

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