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nyny day 6 and 7

DAY 6 In the morning, my brother had to run an errand, so I stopped at the Young Designer Market, which was literally like 3 doors down from his apartment (as was a big group of graffiti). No photos were allowed, but I saw a lot of cool things. He was right – it was […]

nyny day 5

We got going super late today – i slept in, spent some time doing nothing, and then got a very important call from….my realtor! The last showing I had, on friday, enticed someone to make me an offer. It was a little lower than I wanted, so we decided to counter and see what happened, […]

nyny day 4

This didnt actually occur in New York. A few years back, i met a chica named Ruthy on my fieldschool in Peru. She happens to live in New Jersey so we coordinated a day during my trip here to get together. Carrie took me on the subway early in the morning on her way to […]

nyny day 3

My brother had an appt so luckily it was right next to Central Park. I explored there for a bit while he was busy. After his appt, we wandered through the park to get to some other area of New York. Here are some random photos from the park: So on this day, I walked through […]

nyny day 2

Bro and I walked around Nolita in the daytime so I could see it better, and stopped over at SoHo (South of Houston – pronounced “House-ton”, not like the Texan city). One of the places we stopped at was The Evolution Store – it was really cool, but I dont know how I feel about […]

nyny day 1

I have this teeny weeny laptop boy sent with me, rather than my macbook. It is a lenovo s10, and althrough he really likes it, and it fit better in my carry-on, i kinda sorta hate it. So bear with me if I dont keep you up to date as much as i had hoped. […]