Stitch Club: Kaur

Saima Kaur led a’s Stitch Club designed to make us smile by stitching brightly bold and whimsical figures, and I was inspired by ancient South African rock art.

Stitch Club: S. Kelly

Stewart Kelly led a’s Stitch Club using the kantha stitch to make a still life.

Stitch Club: Edwards

Priscilla Edwards led a’s Stitch Club where we learned to make a wire frame and use batik wax to form a sculpture. For whatever reason, I decided I’d make a sailboat!

A new era

My craft room has two new additions, Toby and Ollie.

Hexie Dreams + Template

My Hexie Dreams quilt, which was carefully fussy cut and hand pieced by me, then hand quilted by my gramma, is finally finished after three+ years of work (and avoidance). The proof is in the stitching – persistence pays off!

Ophelia Print + Embroidery

I added simple embroidery to an antique Ophelia print (by Deblois, after Bertrand) I found at a resale shop.