Stitch Club: Steel-Jessop

As part of’s Stitch Club, I made a map of Guy Gavriel Kay’s Sarantium (by Martin Springett) following Bridget Steel-Jessop’s workshop.

Kintsugi stones

I used a kintsugi kit by Jack Richardson to meld two broken stones back together.

Painting Miniatures

I tested my painting skills in a challenge with Boy: who could paint the best D&D miniature?

Eliza McClelland’s Kit

I made a small mixed-media piece using an Eliza McClelland beadwork kit and some other art supplies.

Hexie Dreams 16

I have a total of 107 flowers ready for my fussy-cut EPP Hexie Dreams quilt and am moving on to planning how to arrange them.

Eternal napping in the sun

You can stop here if you don’t wish to read anything sad today. It’s already bad enough with Roe v. Wade, war, and such, I know.