Nina Stajner + Lake = Swan

I worked up Nina Stajner’s swan coloring page from the Lake app in a (mostly) single solitary stitch: the stem stitch.

Stamp + Embroidery Kettle

I used a tiny scrap of stamped fabric to make a tiny canvas showing a tea kettle on a table.

Chickadee Wall Hanging

I was inspired by Mandy Pattullo to make a chickadee wall hanging mixed media piece.

Stitch Club: Norbury

As part of’s Stitch Club, Ruth Norbury tasked us with making a textural mixed media peice and I chose Hubert Robert’s La Fontaine painting as my subject.

Stitch Club: Steel-Jessop

As part of’s Stitch Club, I made a map of Guy Gavriel Kay’s Sarantium (by Martin Springett) following Bridget Steel-Jessop’s workshop.

Kintsugi stones

I used a kintsugi kit by Jack Richardson to meld two broken stones back together.