Framing Ribbon Embroidery

I wasn’t sure I would have time for framing ribbon embroidery this week which is why I did not include this photo in the original post, but I did! Generally, I lag behind “finishing” projects but I was too excited to share it so I didn’t wait, obviously.

Tatiana’s preference is to not use frames with glass. My house nearly requires glass with the amount of daily dust it produces, but my stumpwork Poppies and Santa Barbara Daises cannot be framed (without an expensive custom shadow-box) and I will be dealing with that already. I agree that the ribbon embroidery effect would be lost behind glass, too. Tatiana and others have provided good tips on keeping them clean, and we always have cans of compressed air laying around so I’ll be good to go.

As far as how I made it ready for framing, I’ve found a lot of resources over the years, and the most recent one to hit my feedly list was from Amina, so I’ll throw a shout-out over to her at Stitch Floral:) It is a super easy tutorial to follow (and you can see her lovely work!). Incidentally, Amina began her history with embroidery in ribbon work, so I think it’s fitting that she helped me with my first piece!

framing ribbon embroidery (owl crafts): the letter R