100 Day Project: Mirrored Light

Following the theme I’ve set myself up for this year (of diving deeper into my own creativity), I have decided to informally try the 100 Day Project: Mirrored Light. It begins today, and wraps up on April 30th. Will I stick with it? Stick around to find out!

According to the website, “The theme highlights the long, dark winters in our northern region which can be interpreted creatively in a number of different ways. The theme is meant to inspire – it’s up to participants whether or not they want to use the theme.”

Rather than going with a long, dark winter theme, I am interpreting the title, “Mirrored Light”, differently. Mirrors are most often used as a reflection of self, ya? And Light can mean good things, happy things, positive things that make you feel hope, peace, serenity. So my goal is to focus on things in my world that make me happy, and I want to become a better drawer, so there ya go. “Chase the light and use a pencil” so to speak. One drawing a day of something that put a smile on my face (expect a lot of kitties, no doubt! [Boy would be unlikely to allow me to post his]). I learned in my first week of January Challenges that a stopwatch helps so these will sometimes also be sketches intentionally hurried. After all, evidence suggests I learn best under pressure!

The website also answers why anyone would want to do this:

To grow a creative habit.
To exercise the right side of the brain – to expand your capacity for innovation, imagination, and problem solving.
To grow discipline and resilience by engaging in a regular practice of creativity for a period of 100 days.
To reinvigorate your creative life through exploration and permission to play for 100 days.
To discover the value of practice and how breakthroughs often happen by making a commitment and sticking to it.
To challenge a limiting belief about your creative nature.
To challenge a limiting belief about commitment.

If you’re intrigued, join me!

I read their Success Tips, and so here’s my formal plan:

  • The “spine” of my project is to draw and keep happy things in focus.
  • The rules to support my spine is to always have pencil and paper on me so that I can sketch the thing that made me smile at the moment of reflection.

Like those January Challenges, I will summarize a few days worth of effort in one posting each week. But I will leave you today with these drawings from December 30th – some doodling and a studied sketched of a recently acquired bitty knife hand-crafted by my great-uncle Jim. If I am sitting in an RPG campaign, my hands must be busy in one shape or other and that day I only had a pencil and paper at hand! I especially adore my little raccoon. it is one of the few images dreamt up from my own mind that I want to pursue in other ways. Maybe you’ll see more of her (or, maybe not!).

Ok, now I must go sketch something happy! :D