round 2

I found a tutorial the other day to make a rose out of felt, but it was such an easy idea that i didnt save the address to give the tutes owner her due. There are lots of ways though, because when i tried googling for the one I stumbled upon there are many options. The first one looked a bit flat, so i did the spiral cut in waves and it suited me more. The idea i used is simple : cut a wavy circle, then cut it into a spiral, and wrap from the outside in. Secure with glue or thread.


I decided that one of them would look cute on my curtain for now.


As you can see, i still have a ways to go with better photos. But now im going to start working with the cameras own settings and see how better i fair (genius, right?). Boy keeps trying to convince me to buy a new camera, and maybe thats what i need. But for now i work with what i got.

Do you like the border on the photos?