I was called in today for my first autopsy. Due to confidentiality and privacy rights, I will not divulge specific details, but I can say that I was fine the whole time. I learned a lot more than I remember, being half asleep and all, but overall it was a neat experience.

Nothing at all bothered me about the so-called gruesome nature of an autopsy. I think growing up with a deer/cow butchering service in my family helped desensitize me quite a bit. Plus, I fully grasp that the procedure will provide closure for the family, so I can look through scientific eyes easy enough.

A quick google search for “autopsy” will explain the details of what I witnessed today – Ill leave it up to the curious to ask me questions. I have no specific desire to see more autopsies, but they have offered me a chance to see some harvesting. That call could be at any time – the procedure has to be done within a specific time frame of death, so once again I wait.

And another opportunity was brought to my attention: a three day crash course in entymology near my town. That is something much more specific to forensic anthropology so I am going to check that out. Although adding bugs to the pile might over do it for me…

On another note, Boy ordered me a memory card reader, so hopefully that gets here soon and I can talk about more pleasant things:)

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