a day of inspiration

I could get lost on the internet for weeks, looking at everyones creativity. I mean, who couldnt? Today, I went through a lot of links found at whip up and would list them all, but my rss feed grew from around 10 to over 50! It will shrink back down as i weed out bloggers I dont truly identify with, but I like to check out new blogs maybe monthly to see what is happening out there in the craft world. When I make projects inspired by them, I will list them individually for you.

It would appear that owls and mushrooms are still incredibly high ranking in their inspiration.

Highlight of my search today? Resurrection Fern. I found these rock cozies a while back and something about them captivated me. I was excited to find the owners website! (I do a lot of google image searching at times, without following through to the actual websites). Something about the delicate knit juxtaposed to the hard earthy rock is really inspirational to me.

No photos in this post, but I will add that my open projects are:
* a bird stuffie (which is finished, but came out too plain, so it will get embellished) <–watch for it soon:)
* a quilted book cover (which is at the point of needing a sewing machine, but the embellishment is complete)
* a rag throw (incredibly overdue for someone who doesnt really know it yet)
* continual scrapping (but my stuff is all packed waiting at my new house) <–do not expect it soon :(

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