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Chez Moi: Chicken Pot Pie

Week 9: Chicken Pot Pie Filling with Corn Bread Topping Before: Angela gave me a pot pie filling recipe from her freezer recipe book. It is the same recipe she used when she made me a pie during our renovation. I made enough for six pies total and froze five in freezer bags. I found […]

Chez Moi: Hot Cereal and French Toast Souffle

Week 6.1: Crockpot (whole, multi-grain) Cereal with Applesauce Before: I got this recipe from my cooking pal Angela. She found it here, at Monkeys on the Bed. A lot more things on my list that have never been in my kitchen before: pearl barley, steel cut oats, wheat bran, and ginger spice. Boy keeps flaxseed around, […]

Chez Moi

Chez is a French term that doesn’t really translate well, but chez moi means roughly “at my place” and is used sometimes in reference to dining. (By the way, we got our kitchen handles installed! They are made by the Diamond Cabinet company and are style H38 – really cool mix of colors: dark lead, […]