photos of photos

I took some photography classes as an undergrad and it was a lot of fun. [Youd think i would be able to take better photos but for some reason photography makes sense to me on paper but not when its time to actually execute it. (I think i dont have the patience to care enough more than a point and click.)] One of the things we did was hand color our black and white prints. Here is my Mii character, part of the self-portrait series we made:


I entered an art show with three of my favorite pieces. The photos were close-ups of this really organic chinese dragon statue i was given (it was made from that pale soft green stone that glows in the dark – really cool lighting effects). I turned the close-ups into creatures – a cat peeping out of a tunnel, a little sweet baby elephant, and an underwater creature of an unknown species.


Sadly, I do not have a copy of those (if only i had taken a scan of them first!) because happily they were bought at the show for the insurance price that I tagged on there. Here i was thinking “nobody would pay this amount, so i will be safe!” and instead somebody did :| Thus far, that has been the only thing I can remember selling but 200$ for three prints was a pretty sweetastic deal, I must say! :) These are the other prints, some just used to understand how the chemical and coloring worked out. The first four are from the dragon.


This one was a close up of the beard of my yard gnome, Samson M. Nite (Samson is hiding out in the rain and leaves so there isnt a photo of him, sorry).


A realistic photo of a street lamp.


And a close up of a candle lantern in the shape of a fish (the lantern has long ago been gifted to goodwill so no photo).


Have you ever worked with film photography?

basket tags

(My camera is in Alaska – I lent it to Topher for his green-eyed-monster-summoning 10 day cruise. So, I apologize for the quality of the pics, as they are from my phone. Usually my phone takes pretty swell pictures, but the lighting in my craftroom is quite lacking so thats not the case here. But while grabbing the pics off my phone, I came across some from a WWII re-enactment that our friend Adam participated in – so here is proof that it does take okay photos!)


Anywho, i have a few of these canvas boxes for storage in my Ikea cubbies and they all look the same. I have been meaning to label them somehow, so when I came across some high quality clothing tags that I had hoarded in order to pleasure my inner packrat, I had the answer.

I ran them through my Xyron 250 using the permanent adhesive. Then i stuck them to the wrong side of the paper and cut them out with an exacto knife.


Then i ran them through the Xyron 250 again and repeated the sticking and cutting for the other side.


Then i punched a hole where the original hole was in the tag, and looped some twine through it.


I rummaged around and found some sticker letters, labeled them all, and voila! Basket tags!