missing my usb cable

I have several crafts i could talk about but without pictures its like eating pizza without cheese or sammiches without bread!

So instead, hows about my pothole drama? I hit a giant crater and heard a loud distinctive crack. I immediately called Boy and told him i thought i trucked up my car, but I was almost home – literally like a mile left to go. So he stayed on the phone with me and when i came to a stop, i thought “phew, i guess its ok, whatever happened”. Continue reading


Considering I cant find my usb cable to upload photos, I thought I would share a different kind of post.

I applied for an internship at the coroner’s office. My plan is that in grad school i might pursue forensic anthropology. That would involve a doctorate, and as of late, I have been questioning how far i want to take my graduate studies. This internship, if it works for me and i work for it, might lead into opportunities meeting the state’s forensic anthropologist and attending conventions or whatnot. I am kind of excited for that. Continue reading

france: saturday 091909

Our last real day in France:(

We spent it relaxing in Palavas. Our hotel was the one of the blue ones in the middle.


We toured the beaches and the town – its a really neat place built right there on the water. Definately a tried and true fishing community. And it was kind of like a fair, with these booths of food and souvenirs – although it still didnt seem that touristy.

France_day_eleven6 France_day_eleven3 France_day_eleven2

Tidbits? Dont eat carnival style hotdogs, unless you like gross carnival sausage dogs. We checked out a cemetery (ok, dont ask me, that was boys idea) and learned that photos on tombstones were quite normal, as were all kinds of items – books, toys, flowers, tea sets, etc. Everyone really truly does say bonjour (for instance, you walk into a shop, you say bonjour – I read about it, but seeing it in practice really made me think differently about it). Oh, and their sea gulls sound french! I had heard about a study done with ducks or geese, I cant remember. But that one group from say England, didnt really understand the calls from say the American birds. Neat, huh? :)


And the rest of the story is just that we woke up at 4am to catch our flight. The last plane was the nicest one Ive ever been on and we got to have our own monitors in the seat in front of us, for movies, music, or even video games. We watched Angels and Demons and tried to sleep. Then we finally shared with everyone our little secret of getting eloped.

Uhm…the end:)