SMS December Giveaway Day!

No, i did not participate this time (Deadline Fail!) but I did want to remind you to check out all the fabulous sites that are offering free goodies!

Giveaway Day ~ Handcrafted Item(s)

Giveaway Day ~ Handcrafted Item(s) + Supplies/Materials

Giveaway Day ~ Sewing + Knitting Supplies/Materials

Sew Mama Sew organizes this event in May and December. It is super awesome to gamble at winning, or to send away something you made/have to someone anywhere in the world (or both:).

You can see details of my previous giveaway here – i didnt win anything per say, but I sure felt like a winner with all the wonderful comments and shipping things internationally made me feel super cool.

And let us not forget how rad it is to find so many talented people you may otherwise not have known about! Im sorry i didnt post about this at the beginning of the week – hurry, its over December 17th!

Thanks again SMS :D

house and games

The contractor came on wednesday, yay! It didnt take nearly as long as we all expected because the work he thought he was going to have to do had actually already been done (installing a new header for the load-bearing wall). The guys just ripped out the parts i didnt want and whipped out a wall frame.


Hopefully soon, we will be able to tackle the electrical work – outlets, lights, switches. (By we, i mean boy and his dad.) Then the guys will come back to do a professional drywall job. With the holidays nearing though I fear it will be delayed until January. But at least now I feel like its coming along again.

Boy and I are pretty into boardgames. We utilize the rating system over at BoardGameGeek a lot because in the past we have bought awesome looking/sounding games only to find out they completely suck. So far, BoardGameGeek hasnt really let us down.

That being said, we did think one of the games was rated a little high. Here is our spread of Descent: Journeys in the Dark.


Its number 62 out of who knows how many, and the only thing we can think is that its super awesome for people who either a) have never roleplayed before or b) make up their own campaigns (which in theory would be like roleplaying with miniatures). I teased boy by claiming it was probably rated higher than we would have rated it because other people had better dungeon masters;)

Anyways, I am thinking Ill do little posts on the games we enjoy – a lot of people I know arent exposed to the plethora of board games out there and I really think they are missing out.

nintendo ds game case

Boy asked me to make a game case for his ds games. He wanted something small, and had no problem with how it looked, only that it functioned well. I love hearing that because it means i dont need to fuss over the project to make it nice and neat. Hes perfectly happy with projects still in the prototype stage.

Here was my first go:



Firstly, it was meant to hold 8 games, not 6, but thats what happens when you forget to include seam allowances in your math. Secondly, boy wanted it to fold in half the other way, so he made me try Prototype 2.


I also found this old patch his mom gave me so I sewed it on there just for fun. Behind it is a little pouch to store the headphones too.


It sure is ugly, but it does the job for him so I dont need to worry about making a new one that actually looks good. Hes happy that it works, its small, and its made from pretty tough material (linen and canvas). Im glad he is so easy to please because i can just whip something like this out which a normal person would likely toss out in disgust. At least, i know i wanted to.