while im away…

Since I am working on organizing my new laptop (think of it like this: a virtual bomb went off in my old laptop and my addiction to “a place for everything and everything in its place” which i cannot as yet do with my house-in-progress has come out in full with the organization of my new machine), I thought i would send you on to some of my favorite RSS feeds. I hope to one day own something from each of them!

With that said, I do own something from PrincessLasertron but she makes me drool with her creativity of color combinations and embroidery choices, so why wouldnt i want more? She made a wedding bout for Boy and a wrist crosage for me and I love them both. Here is one of her recent creations that I stared at for entirely too long:

I love AnnWoodHandmade for making the sweetest little birdies out of Continue reading

colleens bag

Making bags is fun! Colleen chose a very bright pallet for summer. I used the same pattern as my go-bag, an altered version of ArtsyCraftyBabe’s Phoebe Bag. I also tossed the idea out to Colleen to do the bottom of the bag in a different fabric and she went for it. I think it looks super fun.


Of course, pockets were requested! She gave me some cute blue fabric with tiny colored hearts and butterflies, which really makes the lime piping jump out.


I love summer:)