While you wait

Here are some links to things I’ve found on the interwebz lately (and my first attempt at embedded videos).

Axis of Awesome is a band that has shown the world the power of understanding music in their 4 Chord Song. Did you know all the popular songs in the last forty years is played with 4 chords? Brilliant!

They led me to google Canvas Bag which led me to Tim Minchin who is another amazing (comedy) musician. I love this song, Rock n Roll Nerd – it is so honest!

3DSMiis.com is a new site in beta-test where 3DS users can upload Miis that they created. I am a huge Nintendo fan and this will be awesome to grab some of my favorite characters without having to do all the work myself of creating them. (This is Professor Layton, without his tophat :)

3DS Mii Professor Hershel Layton

I am really digging Checkout Girl’s projects lately. I’ve started one similar to hers but I doubt I have the skill level to make it as awesome. It has actually been in the works for quite some time but life keeps getting in the way.
Checkout GirlDo you have any interesting places to check out on the world wide web?

things on my table

I am sure you have been expecting pictures of my new kitchen but it has been really hectic here. Not only is there still much to be done with it, but Boy also has moved his company to a new location so that has taken a higher priority of our time. I will leave you with this tease though:

kitchen remodel wip

I also began scrapping again since I recovered my craft room. I posted all the pages I have made in my personal book, but I have yet to show you my Peru scrapbook. I started it shortly after my return in 2007, and school got crazy so I never finished. This is a shot of me trying to work out the layouts for the day trip to the national museum in Lima:

Peru scrapbook wip

I also need to get in gear if I want to participate for the Sew Mama Sew giveaway, hopefully coming up in May. I’ve had so many ideas for covers but it is time to start working them through. This isn’t intended to become a cover, more like an idea board of options while I work through the problems and creative process and await my nice wool felt shipment. (I just may have purchased the dream bundle at WoolFeltCentral, ooo la la!)

bookcover ideas

And have you ever heard of 31bits? Apparently there are a few companies out there doing something similar but I must say this one rocks – anthropology for the win! One of the founders is a cultural anthropologist who saw these Ugandan women, having survived and been displaced from the civil wars, making paper beads and jewelry but with little market in which to sell. 31bits was developed as a way to give them a client base and therefore a way support themselves and their families. Unlike other “parties” out there, this one is neat and simple – you get a box of goods, you sell what’s in the box directly to your friends, and you ship back what didn’t sell. No overhead of shipping, waiting, or returns. No obligation to try to get to a certain price-point to get discounts. Just an honest transfer from their hands to yours. I’m not much of a jewelry gal but Boy felt the urge to buy me this bracelet:

31bits jewelry

(Oh, that background? Well, one day I must tell you of the gorgeous quilting my Aunt Sandy does – in fact if she is reading this, she should really consider having a website to show case her work!)

kitchen progress

Ah ha!

I was not home when the counter top people came, and what serendipity that the appliances were delivered the same day?! Tofer sent us these pics with his phone. I’ll take a nicer photo once everything is put away and all the appliances are installed. It will be so good to finally have a working kitchen again!
counter top install
counter top install
counter top install
counter top install