Just a thought, but maybe i should rename my blog to “Spiders I Find in my Bed While Sleeping” or something. :/


I would have had a better photo but it was one of them super duper fast ones so theres no way i was removing the glass for a better shot until we were outside so it could go free.

In better news (for me, as it likens to a bioarchaeology discovery), Boy started to rip out the ceiling to see how the rafters were laid out before we progressed with the contractor to remove a wall. An awful smell ensued, but we could find no evidence of water damage or any such cause. Later, whilst cleaning up the dry wall chunks, i flipped a piece over and discovered a perfectly intact skeleton of a mouse! Cool!



A while back I discovered the idea of a Crafternoon. Unfortunately I dont remember where the idea came from, but when you google it, you can see different takes on the theme. The general idea is to get together and make projects while you hang out. Since a lot of the people I know either have kids or young people in their lives, I thought a Tooth Fairy Pillow was in order.


I printed out the pattern from Larissa at MmmCrafts and gave everyone a folder with some felt. I also had tons of colored felt, buttons, thread, stuffing, etc for people to get creative with. The skill levels ranged from advanced to very beginner. Even the kids got to participate.


And of course we had snacks. It was pretty successful overall! Almost everyone left with completed pillows – I still need photos of two more but I was excited to share the idea with you  (I noticed that the craftier a person was, the longer it took them to make one – doesnt that seem like reverse pyschology?!)


Here is the one I made. I suppose I might give it to my niece when she comes of age (Im considering making a new one or showing her mom how):


Doesnt she have a bit of a Flamenco Dancer to her? If I were to do the pillow again, I might use white fabric (so the mouth pocket doesnt show through as much – I just had the craft felt on hand) or something colored. If you check out MmmCrafts other works, the colored ones are pretty sweet: mmmcrafts turns two and tooth pillow for Isabelle. Thank you so much for posting the tutorial, Larissa :D


I dont think i ever mentioned that we did some gutter work. We had some trees up in there so thats all gone and I have noticed a tremendous dent in the mosquito population! Phew!


We also recently visited where I use to live and made pickles with my gramma. She had a lot picked already, but we picked some, washed them all, canned them, and are just about ready to eat them! Grammas pickles are the best – super dill (in fact, the recipe is Dilly Dill) which i cant get enough of.


I had a super good weekend. Boy and I spent all of saturday working on the house. We installed 3 hallway lights, a ceiling fan (with light) in the wood stove room (incidentally, that room is no longer my “living room” but more of a catch-all room with a table in it), really cool track lighting in my craft closet so i can actually see in there, a water hose winder thingie on the side of the house which is awesome, and two cabinets finally hung up in the laundry room. And today, a contractor is coming over to see about the first step to remodeling the kitchen – wall removal! Sunday, i held my first Crafternoon. I dont remember where i got the idea from, but it was somewhere out there on the interweb to have a bunch of people get together and learn how to make something. I will definately post more about that shortly. To top it all off, i bought some kiwis a while back and I said to myself “where did those awesome kiwi spoon/knife things go that i use to have?” So i googled and came across the kiwi company Zespri, who sometimes has kiwis at my local store. They have “Spifes!” which they give out at events (probably local to California where they are located) and sell to retailers. I couldnt find a list of retailers to buy one from so i thought “what the heck” and emailed the marketing contact listed on the site. I explained that i wasnt a retailer but just simply a citizen looking to buy awesome spifes. Karen was so gracious to immediately ask for my addy and ship them here and they are exactly what i use to have and are as awesome as ever! Now i have SIX! Thanks Karen and Zespri:D


Karen also notified me of the most amazing giveaway – A trip for 4 to New Zealand! Check it out: :)