Midna the Stray

Our precious stray kitty, Midna, went to the vet yesterday. It didn’t sound good. Her belly is bloated and her intestines are ropey. She has broken hair and alopecia over her back end and a few other spots, leading the doctor to believe she has flea dermatitis, but there are no fleas to be found. Her coat is very rough also. And she has poor muscle mass over her hind legs. Otherwise her teeth, ears, eyes, etc are all ok.
I gave them a stool sample (she choose to poop in random places in the garage) and ordered a slew of tests to make sure she is fit before we give her to someone. The bloodwork was ready before I left and the doctor was very concerned that her white cells were super high. He didn’t have a reason for it, so he suggested testing her for the deadly and contagious FIP (feline infectious peritonitis), considering her low muscle mass and bloated belly.
So a few hundred dollars later (which was our intention on vaccines and spay, neither of which she was healthy enough to undergo yet), and worrying that we may have given our kitties some untreatable disease even though we washed our hands and such (which if that turned out to be true, I would destroy Mother Nature), the vet called today to tell me this news:

Midna’s stool showed no signs of worms (but they did suggest I get a general de-wormer just to be sure).

Midna’s FIP test was negative. Big, huge, massive relief. She’s going to make it and my kitties wont be sick! :D

And how thrilled was I when I found poop in her litter box?? Yay Midna!! :D

So currently I am giving her anti-biotics twice a day and will take her back in 10 days to get a new blood test and hopefully her counts are closer to normal. And then hopefully she will be healthy enough also for the vacs and spay because we will be leaving for NYC and I would really like to place her by then. Wish us luck!

And today, I went out to sit with her in this hot hot heat and we found a garter snake! Once she noticed it, it slithered its way into our garage which is not okay with me. I found myself too daunted to capture it so I called Boy who came home from work but by then I had lost track of it. We searched the garage to no avail. But Lady Luck smiled on me once Boy left (she frowned at him I guess) so I was able to pin it down (with a squeal or three) until he turned around and came back. Once he caught it I was able to regain my composure and play with it but something about having to catch it myself freaked me out. In the excitement I forgot to take another picture but this was the before scene when we first found it. Boy carried it to the back woods to live happily ever after.

birthday cat

On Boy’s birthday last night, the cutest little kitten strayed onto his brother’s patio and mewed her way into our hearts. She was starved and skinny, as well as a bit grungy looking, but we gave her some hotdog bits and some fresh water which really warmed her up to us. She was freezing and exhausted, and lost her voice by the end of the night. They let us keep her in their garage over night and this morning we picked her up to take her to the vet. Unfortunately she did not have a microchip and so we are using other means to try to locate her family. She’s just too sweet and lovable to be a feral cat. Now she is living in our garage but she really tries to get in the house (although my girls have made it completely clear that they are not interested in sharing).

stray kitten

We do not want a third cat and I am so worried about her getting hit by a car or attacked by a local dog or the crazy raccoons that I don’t feel comfortable with her being our outdoor cat. Boy won’t listen to me and keep her as his office cat. So….who knows what we will do with her, but I did find an no-kill shelter that seems to be a good fit if I can’t find anyone.

For now I am calling her Midna, which is a character from one of the Legend of Zelda games, and we found her roughly at midnight. She stands on her very tippy toes when you pet her, meows with her tongue out, and craves attention as much as Sasha, yet she is as docile as Maya. She lets me look at her teeth, ears, and eyes, and I could clip her nails too if I cared to (I assume since she is outside I should leave them sharp). She doesn’t shed but she’s young yet (I am guessing under one year).

Hopefully she isn’t already pregnant…

Guinea Pig Pattern: Revised

So you may remember this post about making my bro a guinea pig, and then I posted again with a bit of a tweak here. Well, one of my readers, Marja, has added her own revisions to the pattern and I think you will like them! I would like to point out again that the original design is posted at KidsDomain.
Marja's guinea pigs from revised pattern

Click here to view Marja’s revised Guinea Pig Pattern.

Her primary language is Dutch, but you can still check out photos of her cute crafts at In de Molshoop :)

Thank you Marja, this is a great revision!