our first anni:)

#1 = 09/09/2010

A bit late in coming, as this happened in September. We stayed mostly at my aunt and uncles cabin in northern michigan (thank you Judy and Bill:D:D:D), visited sault st marie for a train ride in canada, and ventured around the UP a bit. It was incredibly relaxing – Boy even felt good at being disconnected from the internet and phone and therefore all things work-related. Workaholism is a terrible thing :P

Story in photos:

Beautiful cabin



“Roads” and trying to get the Forester stuck (dont ask)






Driving all around (Traverse City Area to Alpena Area to the UP )


The Icebreaker


Sault St Marie and its locks



Agawa Train Tour


Oswalds Bear Ranch




Tahquanenon Falls



round 2

I found a tutorial the other day to make a rose out of felt, but it was such an easy idea that i didnt save the address to give the tutes owner her due. There are lots of ways though, because when i tried googling for the one I stumbled upon there are many options. The first one looked a bit flat, so i did the spiral cut in waves and it suited me more. The idea i used is simple : cut a wavy circle, then cut it into a spiral, and wrap from the outside in. Secure with glue or thread.


I decided that one of them would look cute on my curtain for now.


As you can see, i still have a ways to go with better photos. But now im going to start working with the cameras own settings and see how better i fair (genius, right?). Boy keeps trying to convince me to buy a new camera, and maybe thats what i need. But for now i work with what i got.

Do you like the border on the photos?

back in the game

I hope. So a brief catch-up / things-on-my-mind post of randomness.

As you may have guessed, all crafting has slowed to a stop lately here. My craft room was taken over by furniture and tools. I got the tools out at least so now there is room to craft again and i can access my supplies. Our kitchen has a microwave, stove, sink, dishwasher, one wall cabinet and a silverware cabinet. The rest of the kitchen finds itself in random places. Once we are done removing the drywall, lights, and ceiling, then its just a waiting game for when the contractor can fit us in. Not ideal living for one such as myself, but now I can lock myself away in the craft room at least:)


I made curtains today – they dont hold up under close inspection, but they do their jobs respectfully so I like them. I still would like to add ribbon to them like i mentioned here. Some day maybe.



My favorite scrapbooking store is going out of business. This really bums me out but they have *everything* on sale for 50% off so thats pretty spectacular, eh? Lets just say i brought home lots of goodies. Which means that I plan on returning to scrapping in the near future. Ooh la la!

I did start a project to test something I read on the internet, but I decided to postpone it for now so this is all i got. I dont recall where i heard it, but the idea was that you can use a lazer jet printer and an iron to make a transferable image. I would suggest only using the very basic images (more plain than what you see here on the carebear) but it turns out to be true!


For all you mac users, boy found me this sweet program that keeps any window you want to stay on top while you poke around other windows: Afloat.

Around this time of year, you may see lots of donation options. Theres a million, I know – how do you choose? I dunno myself, but here are some I know like:

http://ibol.wordpress.com/ <— Iraqi Bundles of Love

http://www.heifer.org/ <— Animals for families to sustain a future (I participate through the World Builders Team Page which matches my donation, the mastermind work of Patrick Rothfuss)

http://www.wikipedia.org/ <— Knowledge for all – read about it and donate here.

http://ww5.komen.org/ <— I add this one in memory of one of my undergraduate teachers who recently passed away from breast cancer. She worked with me to gain admittance for the bioarchaeological field school in Peru. She really showed me how to write at a more professional level in just a few days (i had it in me, but hadnt learned how to hone it yet), staying late after her class with me or being available on the phone – even though we had never met before then. Later, she taught me about forensic anthropology in an adult education class. She also was a very enthusiastic member of our Anthropology Club. I will always remember her.