Game Review: Through the Ages


Quick stats:

Ranked #4
2-4 players
Age 12 and up
240 minutes play time
Rated 8.30 out of 10 stars

So far, we have only played it twice. Based on that:

Learning curve: Follow the card for turn order and everything makes sense. Youll get it in just a few turns.

Re-playability: The way new cards are selected and moved makes it a gamble for strategy, so each game will be different which is good. Theres also different directions you can focus on – culture, military, philosophy, science, farming, mining, etc.

My personal thoughts: The first time we played it, we did not play with any warfare cards. The second time, we played the whole game. I won the first one hands down with my focus in culture. It was fun, and boy tried to keep up but my strategy was solid. The second time, I stuck to the culture route while he and tofer went with full on battle. I was eons ahead with culture. Until the end, that is. Boy played three war cards in a row against me (that shouldnt even be allowed!). It was stupid on my part to not have any military going, but what was more stupid is that the defense cards do not work in war (which i didnt know until i tried to use them and wasnt allowed to – perhaps my strategy would have been slightly less devoid of military, but those are the risks you take when learning new games). We all agreed that with war (and combining it with Captain ADD and his focus on powergaming) the game dragged on much passed our attention spans,  and was more difficult to stay caught up (you cant focus on any one area but need to focus on everything all at once – if you fall behind anywhere, you will suffer horribly and spend the entire game trying to catch up that one path). This means, in my opinion, that by playing war, you really need to all have the same strategy which lowers the fun factor.

That said, i would play again, but only the peaceful way (which is written into the directions as one version of play available).

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Game Reviews

Ok so I compiled a list of the games we currently have. And boy, do we have a lot! We will be getting rid of some of them, as we have discovered they are not that great, but i was surprised to find out how many we had with high ratings at
We dont get to play that often but I do intend on giving a run down of the game when we do. Until then, here are the games we have, in their current “geek rated” order:

2. Puerto Rico
4. Through the Ages
7. Dominion: Intrigue
8. Dominion
15. War of the Ring
26. Pandemic
27. Twilight Imperium (Third Edition)
38. Go
53. Arkham Horror
54. Settlers of Catan
74. Carcassonne
88. San Juan
124. RoboRally
127. Heroscape
149. Vegas Showdown
236. Chess
284. Samurai Swords
327. Betrayal at House on the Hill
408. Poker
480. Hero Quest
501. Ogre
741. Pente
1104. Age of Mythology
1987. Munchkin
2351. Cranium: Turbo Edition
2425. Mancala
2557. Dragon Strike
3777. Sid Meier’s Civilization
4835. Last Word
4962. Clue
4978. Willow
5818. Monopoly: Lord of the Ring
5999. Triopoly
6445. Vampire Hunter
6473. Dread Pirate
6480. Would You Rather?
6566. Chinese Checkers
6630. Checkers
6677. Snakes and Ladders

And we also had a few unrated games:

Dominion: Seaside
Noble Celts
Dragons of Fury
Showdown in the Badlands
Uno: Nintendo

And then there are also games that I didnt find in my initial search, Im sure.

Recently, Boy gave our sis-in-law Agricola for Christmas so we have only played it once. It is rated number 3 though, and was fun once we got the hang of it. I *hate* that first part of learning new games (thankfully, Boy will read the entire instruction booklet prior to playing). This is due to the fact that i am impatient so its primarily for the wait time between my turns. And then of course, it usually takes two or three times to work through all the rules. But I have learned to not hate games right off when they seem so complicated. So as far as our first experience with Agricola, I would love to play again. The rules make sense and began to stick by the end. There are also so many different directions you could go to compete and change it up each time. Do you farm? Do you raise animals? Do you build a mansion? Do you do a little bit of everything? And there are cards that can change things up quite a bit too. Plus, there are rules to play the Family Version, which simplifies it so that kids can play too. How cool is that?

Quick stats for AGRICOLA:

1-5 players
Age 12 and up
120 minutes play time
Rated 8.26 out of 10 stars

Blurry low light iphone photo:


So, speaking of games, what is your favorite?