Keeley: Comic in Felt

Soooo long in the making, but I was stoked to finally ship Keeley, a comic in felt, off to her creator. I’ve posted about her here, here, and here, but here’s the final piece!

comic in felt

Also, I had a dilemma to solve – how to add her “pow” markings by her fist? I knew my embroidery skills were not up to the task. Then I had an epiphany – I could draw them on the plexiglass that frames her! I tried my favorite over-the-counter pen (Pilot’s Precision V5) and a trusty sharpie, neither having the results I envisioned. Then I dug around my craft room and found black puffy paint. Bingo!

comic in felt

Keith blogged about her here, and you can see in the first shot that I had trouble getting her in the frame without bunching up the background. But under the right lights, that isn’t noticeable. If I were to do it all over again, I would have a lot more structural planning. For this project, I just jumped right in. I had no plan on the outcome – I was relieved that it fit in a standard record frame, but that was utterly by accident. Without planning for how it would end up, I made due with what I had. And I would totally do this project again – Keeley is one of my favorite things I have ever done! I wish I had the skills Keith has; so many things could be rendered as a comic in felt!

SMS Giveaway May 2014

I am so excited to finally get to enjoy Sew Mama Sew’s giveaway day (which is now a week!). I haven’t been able to peruse the exotic markets since grad school! I did not have enough time to whip something up to give away like last time (note: those images are broken due to site reconstruction; check back later), but I certainly intend to during the next giveaway. Probably one of my bookcovers. Anyways, I have entered a lot of giveaways, so here’s hoping!

back in action!

Ok, ok, so this new site design wasn’t ready by January. Who knew my new job as an adjunct would be so hectic? (Yeah, I’ve been teaching college.) Or Boy’s company would sap all of his time and energy? (Who wants to do work at home?) I’m not upset about it. A lot of life has happened over these few months.

But, what do ya’ll think?! (Let us take a moment to remember the old site, shall we?)

old site

Actually, I bet my lack of posting means this site has dropped off the radar for a lot of you. That’s understandable. I’ll just have to work on getting a new crowd to chat with. So, ner.

I have several posts waiting to be published, I just didn’t want to spam those of you who are still following me.

I also have to fix all my old posts, before the days when Boy had room on his servers for me. I was hosting everything through and then they took that away so I was SOL. One day, I will retro-correct them (or re-blog them?). I cringe at looking back in my early crafting days, but they got me to where I am today, no?

Ta-ta for now!