dining room remodel

Our kitchen/dining room remodel was such a huge project, but it has come along quite nicely. I realized I never posted what things look like now, so here you go. First, a quick review of its history starting with how it looked just before we moved in:


And then of course, we went through this total gutting all because I wanted to remove a wall with a window in it…


We lived with bare walls and hanging lights for quite some time.


Then, over winter break during my last year at grad school, I just had to do something. So I painted. I was a little nervous at first to put the dark color on top, but I absolutely love it now.

remodel_dining_room_painting remodel_dining_room_paint

Finally found some curtains, nice rich brown panels with gauzy vintage-inspired floral panels. remodel_dining_room_after

Unfortunately through all that remodeling, we still get the occasional creepy crawly…


Anyways, we are not done yet. There still needs to be trim along the walls, doors, and side window. In fact, I set it up so that I could add baten board on the lighter color to give it some architectural detail. There are some other little bits too, but this place is starting to finally feel like home.

covered lampshade

Years ago I bought white paper lampshades from Ikea with the intention of decorating them (yeah, that almost never happened). After I painted the bedroom, they were certainly the ugliest bits in it so they needed a makeover. I did not take photos along the way, but I can describe the easy process here:

I used wrapping paper to make a template by rolling the shade and marking its edges with a marker. It will make a big C shape. Then, I added about an inch or so to either side so I could fold it over the edge, and I cut the paper accordingly. Laying it on top of the fabric I had stashed, I could then cut the piece of cloth I needed. I used spray adhesive on the material and carefully rolled the lampshade over it. That was a little tricky and I wish I had left more than an inch for the overlap. I could not align the shade in exactly the same angle as before – and since the fabric was tacky with glue, I couldn’t easily reposition it. But, in the end, it worked great!


It is just meant to be something fun for now. Eventually (soon, actually), Boy and I will be moving into another room so we can rip out the floor of our current bedroom (similar to my kitchen woes). Can’t wait for that to begin….not. I’m not sure how I will redecorate the future bedroom, and that will include adding a closet and eventually a master bath. Lots of changes happening around here!

crazy quilt displayed

My family (mostly my aunt, but also my mom and grammas) made me a crazy quilt when I graduated highschool. It is one of my most treasured possessions. When I lived at my condo, it was displayed prominently above my couch in the living room. This house, however, does not have a lot of wall space. Almost every wall has a door or window or some such thing (its a very long and narrow house). Sadly, the quilt has sat on my quilt rack in the closet (away from the cats!) for years. But I finally painted our bedroom (it had been mostly patched drywall – very very ugly) and now I could display the quilt again.

bedroom_paint bedroom_paint2

I absolutely love it in the bedroom – every time I wake up, I look at all the patterns and colors until I am actually awake. It is made with fabrics from a lot of my family members (most notably, ties). A few of the blocks sport thoughtful bits, like a miniature version of my prom dress, an embroidered graduation hat with the year I graduated high school, a star, a spider web (I had a tarantula), and musical lady bugs (I played the violin).

crazy_quilt1 crazy_quilt3 crazy_quilt2

Years later, my aunt got an embroidery machine and she made me a matching pillow. How sweet, to put two little kitties – with blue eyes – on it for us!

crazy_quilt5 crazy_quilt4

And what is it about cats and ladders?