tragedy in the war on tv

We don’t have television stations: no cable, no satellite, no box for local programming. Nothing. This is a choice for us because of a slew of reasons (namely he hates superfluous shows and I hate the general media and its hold over the world). Over the years we have missed out on a few things here and there but Netflix and the internet has rescued us on some occasions, albeit late in the game. However, I really *really* wanted to be there for the premiere of HBO’s Game of Thrones, based on George R. R. Martin’s (unfinished!!) series. Luckily, I know people with stations;)

However, the tragedy unveiled itself Sunday when both Boy and my television program owner Katie felt under the weather. Actually, it didn’t bother me much because I haven’t seen it yet to be completely hooked and I am looking forward to a back-to-back GoT party next round:) This is a patience one learns only after forgoing the power tv holds, I know.

Meanwhile, my bro and Luci are representing me in New York:
My brother and Luci in the throne

Did you watch it? Was it evilly twisted and full of drama?? Was it awesome?! I hear they are making deals for season 2 already. (I’ll not go on about how I’ve been waiting for YEARS for the series to be finished, George, because I know you know that, duh. I just hope the involvement you have with the television series inspires you to finish them rather than impedes on your time to do so:)

kitchen showtime

Sorry for the long wait – life just keeps getting in the way. Our kitchen still needs quite a bit done but oh how I LOVE it and will now forever need to upgrade kitchens in future houses. Kind of a curse, that.

I had hoped Boy could take some awesome photos with his wide angle lense but he literally sold it the day I asked. Poo. You people are use to my crummy pics though, right?

Kraftmaid and Whirlpool kitchen
Kraftmaid and Whirlpool kitchenMy lopsided sink and pretty faucet (excuse the dishes but the reality of the situation is that people do live here).
Kraftmaid and Whirlpool kitchenI picked up this Bekvam stepstool at IKEA and will try to stain-match it to the cabinets. Its perfect for getting in the high places and a great height for sitting while I’m watching a pot.
Kraftmaid and Whirlpool kitchenDrawers galore – the kind that come ALL the way out so no need to dig around yanking things this way and that.
Kraftmaid and Whirlpool kitchenNo cabinetry butt = full access of awesomeness.
Kraftmaid and Whirlpool kitchenKraftmaid gave us a promotion: free sink base, free cabinet glaze, and free whisper quiet cabinets to match the whisper quiet drawers (I am so so spoiled by these!). Give the door or drawer a push and they shut themselves oh-so-quietly. Perfect considering my bedroom is basically on the other side of the wall and I live with two night owls.
Kraftmaid and Whirlpool kitchenDouble garbage = trash and recylcling (I think someone should add a tupperware monster to the list next to a sock monster because I finally got all my kitchen stuff put away and I could not believe the amount of mismatched things!)
Kraftmaid and Whirlpool kitchenBoy’s addition to the kitchen: a massive garbage disposal. How do people live without these?
Kraftmaid and Whirlpool kitchenOur pantry, full of our “essentials” (spaghetti sauce, noodles, tuna, peanut butter, cream of wheat with milnot, and crackers)
Kraftmaid and Whirlpool kitchenAll of our appliances are new also (all Whirlpool Gold except for the stove which is lacking the Gold declaration). I know: “euw, I hate electric stoves” but I will trade gas for cleanliness any day. We aren’t master chefs up in here and this one cooks really evenly, and the convection oven is the bomb. Plus its got SteamClean – add some water and bake and voila, easy to clean. But my Gramma also suggested I pick up a Chef’s Planet oven liner and I must say: it is *brilliant*.
Kraftmaid and Whirlpool kitchenMicrowave with CleanRelease – supposedly stuff will just wipe off!
Kraftmaid and Whirlpool kitchenDishwasher which has a double rotator thingy (Tofer would laugh at my description) so the entire bottom is usable space, especially since the silverware basket is built into the door.
Kraftmaid and Whirlpool kitchenOur fridge – I just love seeing everything instead of things getting buried and rotten.
Kraftmaid and Whirlpool kitchen

So that’s it thus far. Still to do: trim along the ceiling, kick plate, align doors, install handles, tile, paint, light fixtures, cut a small back section off the oven so we can scoot it back over the gas pipe (we left it there in case electric did us wrong), and a little sanding so we can push the fridge back and not dig into the wall with the door.

Let me remind you, that this is what it use to look like (Boy is next to where we placed the pantry looking towards where we placed the fridge):

I think we did a splendid job thus far, don’t you agree? :)

While you wait

Here are some links to things I’ve found on the interwebz lately (and my first attempt at embedded videos).

Axis of Awesome is a band that has shown the world the power of understanding music in their 4 Chord Song. Did you know all the popular songs in the last forty years is played with 4 chords? Brilliant!

They led me to google Canvas Bag which led me to Tim Minchin who is another amazing (comedy) musician. I love this song, Rock n Roll Nerd – it is so honest! is a new site in beta-test where 3DS users can upload Miis that they created. I am a huge Nintendo fan and this will be awesome to grab some of my favorite characters without having to do all the work myself of creating them. (This is Professor Layton, without his tophat :)

3DS Mii Professor Hershel Layton

I am really digging Checkout Girl’s projects lately. I’ve started one similar to hers but I doubt I have the skill level to make it as awesome. It has actually been in the works for quite some time but life keeps getting in the way.
Checkout GirlDo you have any interesting places to check out on the world wide web?