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Boy worked his database magic – and our winner is:

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A big thank you for everyone who played along and supported us crafters out there:D


Hello old and new!

My, my, it has been a long while since I had a chance to participate in Sew Mama Sew‘s mega-awesome giveaway day (which is now actually a week!).


Here’s what you can win: a handmade book cover for a standard U.S. mass market paperback book (which is not the same as a larger trade paperback book, and might even vary between countries for all I know).



This particular cover is shown with a 560 page book, for what it’s worth, but I pretty much use these book covers on all my novels without issue, and the page count varies quite a lot!


It has a bird print cotton fabric, with a snazzy brown fabric  (I am no fabric expert and it was gifted to me), and a sweet little green ribbon. The bookmark is a yellow ribbon sporting a found bauble (a big red bead). The inner lining is a brown, green, and blue polka-dot print on cotton, and the cover is double-lined with a medium weight interfacing to give it a nice sturdy feel as it hugs your favorite book.


This giveaway is open to anyone in the whole world until Friday 12/12/14 at midnight CST (GMT -6)! To enter, simply leave a single comment and share your favorite crafty website (and yes, it could be your own! Be proud, yo!). Make sure to also include a way to contact you. Follow these two rules and you’re in. Winners will be chosen randomly and contacted by Sunday 12/14/14 and the cover will ship out by Tuesday 12/16/14.

Good luck everyone :D

Scrapping Peru

Not only did I finish my pillow, but I finally, finally, finally tackled the scrapbook layout from my Peru fieldschool that has been sitting in a closet for literally years (I mean, the trip alone was in 2007!!).

These pages are from my excursion to the Museo de la Nacion (the National Museum). The blank spots will be filled in with a little story of my trip, but I am out of ink at the moment and to match the pages I began years ago, I want to keep the printed font theme rather than go to handwriting.


The recreation of the man by the hut represented some of the work of our field advisor.


I’ve learned now not to take photographs of human remains as many cultures find it distasteful, but I was young and naive then and I thought it was really cool. Now, I recognize photographs are best spent on research reasons, not “cool bones”.


That’s me, pointing to Machu Picchu, and I was terribly excited to go (I would go at the end of my 5 week stay stay in Lima, the capital). The statue art in the lower left was an exhibit just getting set up, and I got in trouble for taking photographs (I had no idea, as I do not read Castilian, was separated from my group, and only guessed that’s what the security people were trying to tell me).


The images in the top left were sad. It was a special exhibit detailing some of the political unrest and civilian casualties from recent history. We didn’t stay in that exhibit long (I may have lingered longer could I read anything).


Let’s just put it this way: the ancient Moche loved what we would now call erotic art.

I am not sure how much more I will scrapbook, but I do hope to get back into it this winter break. Now that I am getting the hang of teaching, I feel the joy of free-time again. Of course, this semester is a study in organization but otherwise simple. Next semester may be more complicated…

Hexagon pillow case

Today, I finally finished the paper-pieced hexagon pillow case I had been working on. You can read a little bit more about it here. A quick recap is that the flowered piece was sewn by Boy’s grandmother who has since passed away.

hexagon_pillow_case_1Boy picked out the fabric for the back. he said “you gotta go with green, no one ever chooses green!” I love it when he participates.


It works perfectly on my little couch for a little lumbar support!


I used a 16×16 pillow form and shoved some batting in the corners to fill them out. Oh, and I used a sheet of stabilizer too, just to make sure all my hexie work didn’t come undone under pressure. Originally, I had intended on doing an envelope case, but then just decided to sew the pillow in. My hidden stitch worked for a change!


Taking photos in the winter lighting conditions (or ever, if I am being honest) isn’t my forté so please excuse that.