Felt Keeley

I guess there is nothing like making a project public to get me motivated. I’ve glued all of Felt Keeley, except for six little parts that I set aside for now (my fingers were quite sticky so the little parts would have ended in tragedy, I’m sure).

I cut an extra large piece of fabric for the backing so that however it turned out, I would be able to make a square. And then I realized as I was taking this photo, just how much of a diagonal Keeley sits on it….I worry that I didn’t plan quite well enough and this may cause me some heartache here in the near future. Wish me luck!
Felt Keeley Comic Some of the felt pieces were a little superimposed onto others, so it needed to be smoothed out. I had the perfect tool – I don’t know what it is, what it is for, or where it came from, but it has come in handy from time to time. I think it may be a punch of some sort, but I’ve used it from clay sculpting, to paper piecing, to now felt smoothing.
Felt Keeley Comic
So I will glue those little bits and start “inking” the outlines with chunky black embroidery. I super-duper hope it works out! I think it is like the coolest looking thing ever and I’d hate to see that go sour!
Felt Keeley Comic
PS Bug defense is generally only for insects. Arachnids still invade our home as it pleases them. I believe this is a nursery web spider. Tofer rescued it for me for study from my super-icky bathroom corner. Maybe my brother is right. Maybe the city life has its perks…
Nursery web spider

Sneak Peek: Picture in Felt

This project is well passed the date of which it should have been delivered to its owner. It’s so belated, I am embarassed. I think I dreamt up the rough idea back in let’s say 2007. I was intending on making it by a birthday. Then the next birthday. Then Christmas. Then another birthday. Then I realized I may never get it done. Then I felt that the commencing of a certain doctoral degree was as good a reason as any to kick my butt in gear. And again, I missed my mark.

I’ve made strong headway on it though! I am smart enough now to not put a time stamp on it, but it will get done, this I swear!

Artful inspiration by the recipient himself, Keith (he makes comics!), and procedural inspiration from Checkout Girl:

Felt Keeley Comic

I photocopied the image and blew it up so that the final piece will fit in a sweet black square frame. Using freezer paper (for the first time, and O M G awesome!), I traced and color coded each piece so I would know how to assemble it later.

Felt Keeley Comic

I cut each piece out, then ironed it to my perfectly matched felt I ordered through Wool Felt Central. (Gasp, did I mention I splurged and bought their Dream Bundle? All 98 colors!)

Felt Keeley Comic

Then I began assembly. The image is in reverse so that I can spray it with glue, which Checkout Girl suggested when I asked how the heck was I suppose to do this right.

Felt Keeley Comic

I am flabbergasted at how amazing it is at this point. Next steps – glue and stitch and frame!


We had a really rough storm blow through when we got back from NYC. Our house wasn’t attacked by Mother Nature as much as other people I know, but we did have a pretty sizeable amount of limbs to pick up. (Other people were without power for a few days, or had many full sized trees completely uprooted.)
Broken tree limbs from storm
Mother Nature has also been sending in hoards of unruly insects into my house. This includes giganto carpenter ants, a plethora of spiders, what we think was a cockroach (it got away too fast to know for sure), beetles, mosquitos (yes, inside the house too), centipedes, wasps, and crickets. Boy and I decided to go full on head to head with the evil armies and created a Master Plan to Destroy Bugs and Protect the Sanity of the Household. Although I have an aversion to chemicals and whatnot, I just can’t stand waking up with bugs in my bed, or in the shower, or in the kitchen, or stepping on them, or sitting next to them, or anything with them considering their large and growing population and diversity. A spider or ant or two, whatever. But they have been coming in droves. Who will win, I wonder?
Master plan to destroy bugs