Game Review: Ruin

Ruin Board Game Quick Stats:

Ranked # 5271
2-4 players
Age 8 and up
Rated 5.71 out of 10 stars

Learning curve: This game is pretty simple: you roll a dice to move. If the number is red, you also get to change one of the cards that make up a fully interchangeable game board. There is a special card in the deck to either help yourself or hurt another by jumping halfway across the board. The idea is to get both your pieces to the center’s “treasure room”.

Re-playability: Because the game board itself is malleable to the players’ intentions, I think it always offers a good bit of competition.

My personal thoughts: I had never heard of this game before, but I got it for my birthday. I was surprised to see how low the game was rated after playing it. We laughed as we played, and none of us would choose to never play it again. It was a good time, and quick paced. Oh, and I won :)

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Chez Moi: Chicken Pot Pie

Week 9: Chicken Pot Pie Filling with Corn Bread Topping

Chicken Pot Pie with Corn Bread Angela gave me a pot pie filling recipe from her freezer recipe book. It is the same recipe she used when she made me a pie during our renovation. I made enough for six pies total and froze five in freezer bags. I found a recipe for the crust which sounded good: Butter Flaky Pie Crust. To my unrefined brain, butter and margarine are the same so after the fact, when I realized this flaw, I already felt like the recipe was ruined, but I let it sit in the fridge overnight anyway. Then when I began to roll it out, I realized it was not going to be enough to cover the top. As I was contemplating on what to do about that, I also realized that although it was rolling out nicely, contrary what some of the negative reviewers mentioned, it was not so nice on the bottom side. Wherever the flour was missing, the dough just stuck like a gob of wet rubber cement. I tossed it out.
Chicken Pot Pie with Corn Bread But I was hungry. So I found a quick fix for a cornbread topping. At work, Heather uses cornbread to top off a tray of pulled pork and it is delish. I decided to give it a go, especially since I had yellow cornmeal in my cabinet after the hot cereal making. It turned out alright – the cornbread was a little much for the amount of filling I had, so if I were to do this again, I would use only half as much. I loved how simple it was to pull together though!

Chicken Pot Pie with Corn Bread (Week 7 was missed because I let Tofer make the pulled pork and Boy the grilled meats for a summer party we threw. Week 8 was missed because it was my birthday and I let Boy make me an Angel Food Cake. Now you are caught up!)

the future of a case of the crafties

The future is uncertain.

I may post considerably less often. Or nothing may change at all. At this point, I really have no idea just how much of my life will be changing, but the comments I made about postponing house updates or making much cheaper decisions, are all related to this:

I am accepted into a graduate program in a city roughly 2 hours away from home to gain a
Master of Science in anthropology, studying bioarchaeology.

Boy and my kitties will stay here, and I will be staying with my gracious mother-in-law during the week. (That may scare the heebie jeebies out of some of you, but I tell you, she is a good friend of mine:) I will commute home each weekend when possible, or Boy will come visit me. It will be hard, make no mistake about it. At least this time, cellphones and the internet is in abundance (we started out as a long distance relationship basically at the brink of those things becoming common household items).

Things I will miss:

Boy, Maya and Sasha, the friends I see every day at work, freedom of my paychecks (good bye great job of over 10 years), not having to go to a bank to make a deposit, my craft room, my huge amount of free time, freedom of living nightshift hours and never using a damn alarm clock, my kitchen, my 10 minute commute, getting gas once a month or less, kitties, kitties, kitties, boy, boy boy.

Things to make up for it:

Education and enlightenment and fulfillment, partaking in real research, pursuing a career that I actually enjoy, opening doors to the future, meeting new friends, hanging out with MIL, a pool and gym and bike trail, stepping outside of my comfort zone, having no regrets about something I never did and should have.

About bioarchaeology:

This article at wikipedia explains what bioarchaeology is. I learned it first hand on my field school to Peru in 2007. It is not archaeology – archaeologist do the digging part and mostly work with artifacts – the things that people made. Instead, it is essentially studying the skeletal remains of past populations to put together a picture of how they lived, what activities and diets and pathologies they had, and how they died. Most of you have probably seen Bones, and that is not it either – she is a forensic anthropologist who’s purpose is to identify an individual for the purposes of law. The two fields are similar in my mind, except I will be working outside of the realm of crime and generalizing to populations.

About the program:

The program itself is brand-new, and I will be among its first students so my cohort will be very small – this is good: lots of individual attention from the specialists in the field. It will take two years so I will be finished around May of 2013. Over next summer, I am required to do another field school, which I am looking forward to. My main advisor seemed really passionate about the work and the program so I feel I will be in very good hands. There are a couple projects that we talked about that I am interested in and can begin research on day one. In the lab is a technology that only exists in one other place in the states, and one other place in another country. That has created a global network of anthropologists for this budding program already.

I hope to start a blog for my academic life, and if you are interested in following it, be sure to email me for the link (I will not be making it public here). calynn ((at)) thecrafties ((dot)) com.

Do you have anything that you could ask yourself “If I don’t do this now, when will I?” ?