france itinerary

Today, I called the country of France.

I have to do this several other times, all for reserving the hotel rooms, but it was probably one of the most stressful things I have done. (Kudos to Vonage for giving us free Europe calls;)

I intended on speaking French and seeing how far I got, and always staying super polite. I made a list and everything, just in case I got nervous and forgot what I needed to say.

Instead, the first words out of my mouth after bonjour was “est-ce que vous parlez anglais?” She put me on hold and handed me off to another. She did speak English, but with a terribly thick accent, and then over the fuzzy phone and all, I just got really tense. BUT after several repetitions on both our parts, we did it! Yay! I would not have been so nervous in person – I managed in Peru with a language I never studied, having a pad of paper always at hand, so that people could write the words down. Continue reading

future house

So, another weekend piddled away with zero crafts to show for it. This weekend was spent doing a lot of cleaning at the future house. We were able to clear out the front bedroom totally, which is going to be my new craftroom, yay! This is what i get to work with:


It comes with built in shelves in the alcove next to the window, but we already removed them so that boy could sponge the walls clean in preparation for me to paint. The stuff all over the floor are color options (when i first bought my condo, Boy so graciously pilfered a ton of paint chips and pamphlets for me:). I am leaning towards something totally outside my box – light, airy, fun colors – mostly orange, with some pink, yellow, and maybe others thrown in. I would tell you more, but I just dont know how thats going to develop quite yet. Here is a (blurry) pic of the colors, though not the specific choices (i am still narrowing that down).


the belated project…

…is still belated.

You know, for something Ive already made before, and the simplicity of it, this one just isnt being nice to me. It is one thing after another – a few clipped seams here, a mis-sewn piece there, no more thread over here, another broken needle over there, yadda yadda. But I have also had other things going on – more showings of my condo = major cleaning tasks. Fixing up Boys office and helping him get organized in the new space = major weekend tasks. Working at the future house = other free time tasks. Sicknesses, lemonade stands, and parties, not to mention that thing i do at the bank five days a week that really gets in the way of things. My free time has been wee wee small. I dont want you all to feel I gave up on crafting, because I surely havent! So, another sneak peak. Maya just cannot get enough of this thing. She will be sorry to see it washed and mailed out, Im sure.