nyny day 2

Bro and I walked around Nolita in the daytime so I could see it better, and stopped over at SoHo (South of Houston – pronounced “House-ton”, not like the Texan city). One of the places we stopped at was The Evolution Store – it was really cool, but I dont know how I feel about the real specimens being for sale (from babies to adults, articulated or not). I am also still adjusting to being in the city so my photos are few and far between (not to mention the difficulty to see things when you are worried about tripping on the crazy sidewalks of doom) but i saw this cool window display of floating dandelions and grass.


We came back to the apartment to chill out (90 degree weather and walking around a city = not a cool time). Considering his two roomies have chinese backgrounds, I assume Ill get to try different things that I normally wouldnt eat. For instance, for lunch, I had some pork buns – they were very neat and would be good with any filling i think (they were kinda bagel-ly).


We took a subway to Brooklyn and it was really quaint and quiet compared to where Ive been so far. We ate at a small cafe and pastry place called Fabiane’s Cafe and Pastry with not so good service (although very polite), but the ham and cheddar sammich and creme brulee was tasty!

We came back again to cool off and then all four of us went back to the St Marks area for some Belgian fries. (I should proclaim here that when you ask me where we went, its Nolita and Soho, but if you ask bro, its a list of like 20 places…) This place, Pommes Frites, had so many flavors of sauce! Between all of us, we tried sweet mango chutney, pomegranate teriyaki, and vietnamese pineapple. I, of course, went with boring ole cheddar cheese. We brought our greasy bags of delight home with us to eat the burgers we picked up at the grocery. A good ending to my day.


I was also gifted a very cute handmade album! It has sock monkeys on it! It was made by the Mad Woman in the Attic. She used all acid free materials, and if you cant tell, the binding is done in leather, with some beading and sewed details. Very nifty.


Oh, and the other best part about my day was when bro happened to see an ad on a taxi cab for Lucys Legacy. Its like destiny brought me here – how it slipped by me that THE lucy that i wanted to see was now HERE in the same city that I was, I will never know. But ima go see her, for sure!

nyny day 1

I have this teeny weeny laptop boy sent with me, rather than my macbook. It is a lenovo s10, and althrough he really likes it, and it fit better in my carry-on, i kinda sorta hate it. So bear with me if I dont keep you up to date as much as i had hoped.

Day 1


My flight left Chicago at 7pm and was due in NY around 10, but Laguardia had us circle around a bit to ride out a storm they were having. Luckily there was no storm for me, although there was some turbulence. Eventually, the captain came on the speaker to let us know that Laguardia put in a 50 minute ground stop and we didnt have enough fuel to keep circling. Therefore, we diverted to an airport in Allentown, Pennsylvania to refuel and wait to be put back in the landing queue. I finally arrived sometime after 11. Bro and his girl picked me up and then we waited for about another half hour for a taxi (the cab drivers didnt realize that there were late planes coming in, due in after the usual scheduled last landings). So, while standing there for a ride, I watched the clock tick over to my birthday! Another year older, smarter, better, and this time – leaner;)

Carrie made us some ham and eggs and broccoli at the apt, and then bro and I went for a walk around his neighborhood and I grabbed some things I didnt risk in my carry-on. They live in Nolita (North of Little Italy), in the lower end of Manhattan, right next to Soho (South of Houston – pronounced “house-ton”).


I should say that he is living the New Yorker lifestyle (not the rich kind, just the average joe). His rent is more than I make a month, so they also have a roomie to help afford it. But the amazing part is that in all absolute honesty, I believe the entire apartment is no bigger than my master bedroom suite (with bath and walkin closet). It is a “flex” two bedroom apartment, with a bathroom and a kitchen. So when i had asked “do i get to sleep on the couch, or what?”, little did i know that there is zero room for said couch. . .But at least my bed is comfy – its an air mattress now partly tucked under the desk of the loft bed he has.


Oh, and I feel like Goldylocks because in the uber duber small space, they only have three of everything (3 cups, 3 plates, 3 spoons, etc etc), lol. (I dunno about you, but i fully believe I should trade this teeny weeny laptop for my bros giant asus laptop, because it fits the space better;)

nyny begins with a bag

I am so happy with myself! I actually got a travel bag purse thingie sewed up in all its cuteness today! It took me about 8 hours (not to mention the time to cut it while babysitting yesterday, nor the few hours it took when i whipped out a prototype from some gifted material). Considering I have never made a bag, never used piping, and had added all kinds of features to a pattern I found, well gosh golly darnit, 8 hours is pretty quick!


I found the pattern at IS*LY, through a quick google image search for a purse pattern. It looked like the perfect size for all my gear (novel, dsi, ipod and headphones, camera, card wallet, cash wallet, coin purse, phone, sunglasses, notebook, keys, and the most important – chapstick!).



However, i adapted it a bit because I had a bag that fit all that in it already, but it was just that – a bag. For the comfort of the airplane and travel, I wanted pockets, so I made a little bag that fits inside the bigger bag, then sewed it up at the corners for a total of five perfectly sized pockets.


I added magnetic enclosures and made the handles just long enough so that the bulk sits at my waist. Honestly, i expected to blog about my giant failures with this one, especially because i was in a time crunch and rushing, but even on the prototype, I didnt have many blunders. Okay, the occasional sew-rip sew-rip event did occur, but seriously I am gushing with pride over this. *And* its even outside my comfort zone for colors. I must like it a lot!

I leave tomorrow so I may or may not be posting “soon” about my venture to the Big Apple. Toodles! :)