circa 2000, cont.

To continue my last posting…

Project D: Shell Frame


My best friend in highschool had invited me to go with her family to Costa Rica. My worldly tour would start there. I collected shells and sand, which is illegal probably to bring back to the States, but i was a kid at the time. At one of my sit-around-and-do-nothing-but-get-paid jobs, I created this frame out of cardboard. It was a fun experiement to make the shape fold how I needed it to and glue it all together. I gave it to my boyfriend as a gift with a photo of my trip in it.

Project E: Flannel Bear


When I first met my boyfriend, he had leant me his very used flannel. It was my first keepsake from him so I treasured it always. I don’t know where the idea came from, but I decided to buy a pattern and turn it into a bear. The heart was an after effect – the flannel was so used that it had begun to tear in parts, so the heart was a fix. Turned out cute though. I used the tag as his back pocket, and stuffed a little hankie in there, and used the buttons as his eyes.


Had I known the material was *that* fragile, i would have lined it with something stronger, but you live and learn in the World of Craft. I later made another one of these, using green, cream, and yellow corduroy material, which I cut into squares and sewed together before cutting and sewing as the pattern said. I gave it as a gift to my friend at work for her first baby and never thought to take any photos of it. But it was cute too – I used wooden buttons for its eyes and the simplicity of it was darling.

Project F: Collage


I think this one was for my highschool senior english class – for an introduction so we could all get to know each other. I love love love collages. They are one of my favorite things. I could drag on the explanations for all the stuff on there but the highlights are: My dog Marbles, a tarantula photo (I had two growing up), my then-desire for a computer science degree, garbage pail kid card, and my old dungeon and dragons character sheet.

Still more to come!

circa 2000

Here are some projects I did around the beginning of the 21st century. Doesnt that sound weird?  So in no particular order, may I present to you:

Project A: Refinished Dresser


This is a dresser from when my great grandmother was a baby (late 19th-early 20th century). It was white and dinged up when I got it, and I decided to refinish it. It was tons and tons of work, but the results are beautiful. There were i believe 8 layers of paint (white, pink, greens), probably all lead. I replaced the drawer handles, but the locks and knob are original. I even use to collect skeleton keys, so I happened to have one that fits! I took parts of it to a wood repair shop, and they did a great job. They believe it is made from white oak.

Project B: Wall Art


I had a children’s book and this was on the cover. It was probably about 2 or 3 inches tall, and i drew it to be about 7 or so. Colored pencil and ink.

Project C: Star Moon Sculpture


I took a non-major ceramics class my freshman year in college, and one of the assignments was to use shapes of clay to build something. I have always loved stars so choosing the shape was easy enough. I recall that I didn’t have a clue of what I was going to build, but the moon just sort of happened. I set it all on a structure of clouds, glazed it my favorite color, rubbed off the edges and the clouds, and voila!


I will continue with more later! :D

a brother’s Story: sequel

Now that I know a little more about making the pattern for the guinea pig, I decided to make my brother’s a different way. Same idea, but instead of having a spacing piece along the top of the body, I made one for the bottom. I wasn’t exactly sure of the shape to use, so I sewed it on before I cut it. It bows out a little on the bottom, but since I didn’t stuff it completely full, I can manipulate the stuffing enough to make it sit well. The front legs aren’t separated as much as I envisioned, but its way better than the one foot-look of the original.


One small difference I made was that I sewed the bottom of the ears together and then reversed them so that only the outside of the ear, not where it attached to the face, had a rough edge of white. It also gave the ears the appearance that they were stuffed, because of the felt seam allowance left inside.

I also was able to hide my knots better because I knew what needed to be done before I sewed the whole thing shut, and I was able to hide a lot of end knots where I put the nose. I also altered the shape and size of the nose. On the original, I made the nose come down to include where the mouth is, because the pink area seems to be that way on real guinea pigs. However, it just looked odd, so on this one, I ended the nose (it was a simple triangle) and then used the pink thread to carry it down to the cute little mouth.

This little pig turned out so much better, and I can say that I am happy with all the results. Even if I was sick once while tackling it and without paying attention, had forgotten that I wanted to use white thread on the white areas, rather than the tan, and so had to remove all the stitching and start over. Yes, even if I sewed the ears on the face spot backward, and therefore the face spot itself backward, and had to remove all that stitching too. Even if.

I also added a little personal note at the bottom, a reminder to my bro, and a message that would explain why I chose a guinea pig. It reads “Now, being 30 is a story!” because a) it is his birthday gift for turning 30 and b) it was made in the likeness of his late guinea pig, Story.