Kupcake the kitten

Boys cousin Ella turned 6 and we didnt know what to get her. I had a pattern from Wee Wonderfuls that I had been wanting to try out, but i was waiting for a sewing machine. I decided not to wait, and just whip it together by hand (i need that practice anywho). Its called Pointy Kitty. Jennifer at Rawe Material pointed Wee Wonderfuls out to me, and I like a lot of their stuff. Oh, and the baby clothes quilt idea? Love.


I only had time the day of the party to make it, so no shopping for fabric. I used some left over from another project that I am working on and originally i have to say i kinda sorta hated it.


But with a few more tucks, and after adding the details, Kupcake eventually grew on me. Unfortunately, he wasnt done in time for the party, which is just as well because Ella really loved our gift of Skippy John Jones, the siamese cat who thinks he is a chihuahua.


I love how Kuppy looks animated. From different angles, he is either curious, or about to pounce, or excited for a treat, etc. Although Boy and Tofer thinks its one of the scariest toys they have ever seen, but what do they know? I think ill make some more of these and practice a bit. You can see other peoples kitties at the Pointy Kitty flickr group.


another flower pin

Along with my brothers birthday gift went his likewise belated christmas gift, which I also needed to include his girlfriends present. Im saving for a trip to france on top of the stress of buying a new house that needs a little TLC, so my money is quite reserved. Solution: homemade goodness! In fact, i hope to eventually always have homemade presents, but alas they require time and skill – two things i am trying to collect more of.


For Carrie, i wanted to try a different approach. Princess Lasertron uses such awesome color combos, so I wanted to be a bit more daring. I still dont know how she does it, her eye for color amazes me, but here is what I came up with.

I also had more time to spend on it, so like the wrist corsage I made for the mum-to-be back in January, I made quite an effort for the stitching to be just as neat on the back as it was on the front.


I hope she likes it! :)

circa 2000, end

And the finale from the last postings…

Project G: Bottled Stars


When Snapple first came out, i loved the shape of the bottle. I was also into making oragami stars at one of my other sit-around-and-do-nothing-but-get-paid jobs. I simply painted the bottle and filled it to the brim. Don’t ask me why.


Project H: Link, our favorite hero!


A gift to my boyfriend. I used an image from the manual of a Zelda game. I think with this one, I had done the grid enlargement technique (draw a grid on the original, and a grid on your canvas, and focus on each square individually to enlarge the image). I painted it with whatever paints i had. Not too shabby.

Project I: A sweet baby dragon


I used clay and finished it off with glaze. I copied the shape from somewhere but I have not a clue where.

Project J: Sweet gifts


So i have a romantic side, and what? I made the box from scratch – cut the wood, nailed it together, stained it, added the hinged and metal details. I found a cool jar somewhere with a wooden lid. Each of those oragami stars I think said “i love you” and every note in the box was burnt around the edges, tied with a little string, and said something about him that I loved.

Project K: Sheepcake and Sushi rolls


For my boyfriends birthday, his sister and I made a sheep cake out of marshmallows, and sushi rolls out of rice crispy treats and fruit rollups. Quite the combination.

Thats it for now! Yay!