2009, a year of much

Ill get to writing about my France trip soon I hope. I am trying to tie up some loose ends on selling my condo, buying the house, and making it livable. Until then, I had thought of this list so check out what a crazy year I have had so far:

I started theCrafties
My niece Kaia was born
A friend passed away
I officially graduated
Boy sold his WRX and bought a Forester
I saw New York City
Sold my condo and bought a house
Boy and I went to france and…… Continue reading

and so its begun

Im selling my condo, yay!

The downside to that is that the closing date is just after our return from France. So, minus those two weeks, I only had this last weekend and this upcoming weekend to move. The future house is not ready for us, as far as painting and such goes. So…that being said, my life will be complete and utter chaos for a bit, living out of boxes while I try to complete things room by room. Hence, there will not be any crafting going on I am afraid. Even emails might be lacking. Therefore, Ive decided I am taking a mini vacation from theCrafties.

Hope to get back soon, and that all is well and clutter free on your ends of things.