a day of inspiration

I could get lost on the internet for weeks, looking at everyones creativity. I mean, who couldnt? Today, I went through a lot of links found at whip up and would list them all, but my rss feed grew from around 10 to over 50! It will shrink back down as i weed out bloggers I dont truly identify with, but I like to check out new blogs maybe monthly to see what is happening out there in the craft world. When I make projects inspired by them, I will list them individually for you. Continue reading

stingray Feyd

Feyd is from a pattern by the Shishi Girl. And yes, I named him after Stings character in Dune.


I loved the simplicity – just cut two pieces and sew together! As my first attempt to try out the pattern before making my neice Kaia some toys, i am pretty gosh darn proud of it. Its so cute:)


I had trouble turning the tail out. And I wish I had sewed the gills, mouth, and eyes first before stitching together – the needle kept getting caught in the stray felt threads. But i think using little white sequins and tiny light blue beads for the eyes was practically ingenious.



I worked on it while the cable guy was here. He was pretty cordial. My point is, this project went by fast! I certainly suggest it for a novice.


felt_toy_stingray6 felt_toy_stingray5

Kupcake the kitten

Boys cousin Ella turned 6 and we didnt know what to get her. I had a pattern from Wee Wonderfuls that I had been wanting to try out, but i was waiting for a sewing machine. I decided not to wait, and just whip it together by hand (i need that practice anywho). Its called Pointy Kitty. Jennifer at Rawe Material pointed Wee Wonderfuls out to me, and I like a lot of their stuff. Oh, and the baby clothes quilt idea? Love.


I only had time the day of the party to make it, so no shopping for fabric. I used some left over from another project that I am working on and originally i have to say i kinda sorta hated it.


But with a few more tucks, and after adding the details, Kupcake eventually grew on me. Unfortunately, he wasnt done in time for the party, which is just as well because Ella really loved our gift of Skippy John Jones, the siamese cat who thinks he is a chihuahua.


I love how Kuppy looks animated. From different angles, he is either curious, or about to pounce, or excited for a treat, etc. Although Boy and Tofer thinks its one of the scariest toys they have ever seen, but what do they know? I think ill make some more of these and practice a bit. You can see other peoples kitties at the Pointy Kitty flickr group.