our new house

So a quick post. I know i owe you lots about france, but to be honest I am holding off on posting about it until i have these announcement/thank you cards made and sent out. I hadnt thought they would take this long. In fact, they were spose to be ready by Thanksgiving….but i forgive myself.

Anywho, so this is where we live now. Its in the country side of town, yet still just about the same distance from our jobs. Im closer now to the large Joanns store *and* an awesome scrapping store. Its far off the road as you can see here.


The in-laws are on the right. See, we really are next door neighbors;) The lot is really skinny, and the backyard is about 1/3 of the length of the front yard. Behind us is a skinny horse pasture and then more woods. Its very nice.

In the long-term plan, I intend on painting the house. Boy and I are leaning towards a mossy green. But thats like year 3 i think so who knows what will come up before then. This angle makes it look cute though;) (And the window on the left is my craft room! the other is the dining room.) You can just barely make out the garage on the right. Behind that are 4 little sheds too.


mouse catchers

I was working on a crafty project (pictures in future, i swear! so much to catch up on!) and heard some clash-clang-rattle-rattle coming from the kitchen. Never a good thing – this typically means the kitties are on the counters, where they are not allowed to be. As i was walking towards the kitchen, i was met in the hallway by two running cats, and it looked like Sasha was bringing me a toy. Only, i realized it was Maya instead, and that is not her style, so upon closer inspection, i realized it was a mouse.

I thought it dead, and told her good job, and watched as Sasha stole it and ran out of the room. I went back to crafting.

Longer story short, it actually wasnt dead and once i realized that and saw it hopping around like the cute little field mouse that it was, I didnt have the heart to allow my well-fed girlies to kill it in sport. I managed to rescue it, it checked out ok from what i could tell, and i let it outside where it merrily bounded off.

Those two girls…

Sasha the adventurer

So Saturday, we took the girls to our neighbors house (aka the in-laws) since they have a fenced in yard. Maya and Sasha have never been outside, so we wanted to see what they did. I had bought them little harness/leashes for taking them out on my condo balcony – just in case they had it in mind to run away chasing the squirrels they spy on daily, they would have to deal with the leash.

Neither of them seemedto like it (they slunked around a little and looked at us and meowed), but Sasha did start roaming around the yard a little. After about 20 minutes or so, we brought them back in.

Little did we know, we created a monster. Sasha now stands up at the door pawing at the doorknob, meowing with all her might. At the condo, she sometimes brought her leash to us, but it was more of a game (like a shoelace). Now she brings it because she wants to go outside.

I took her back out on Sunday and I think she would risk frostbite to be out there (the temperature was about 20 degrees cooler than Saturday and i was freezing!).

Today i woke up tangled in a leash. Sigh.