crafty catch-up

One of the projects I made since losing my usb cable is Ruar, the Starfish. I used some gifted fabric and felt, did a little embroidery with french knots and fern stitching, and sewed and stuffed. My neice loved it, as it was small and fit in her hands and mouth:) I got the pattern from futuregirl, from her super cute sea creatures set. Since i committed myself to one toy a month for the year, you can expect to see other creatures from her set here in the future.



Another project I made was a very belated project – a purse for my sis-in-law kt. I was a little nervous at how small it came out but shes into small purses so it was a perfect choice for her afterall. Phew. I also learned how to do one of the fancy stitches on my sewing machine. I still need way more practice with that, but I was really excited about it! I got this pattern from Made By Rae. Its her internetly famous buttercup bag pattern.


I also made a a little monster for my friends daughter as a birthday present. I had fun personalizing it for her from RevoluzZza’s How to sew a RevoluzZzionary monster tutorial.


This is the first bookcover made with my new process. Im very proud of it because it has a much more quality feel to it but its just so easy. I took some pics for a tutorial, but the light was poor (much like most of my photos) so I am going to sit down tomorrow and make a better effort. Hopefully, fingers crossed, ill have the tute up soon.

bookcover_mom1 bookcover_mom2

There is still one more project to talk about, but Ill save that for tomorrow. Good night and dont forget to change your clocks!

photo dump

I got my new memory card reader, yay! So as promised, here you go:

I took Sasha out in the snow. The coldness didnt bother her, but the depth of the snow did, so she stayed near the house.


Maya checked out Tofers new bookcases.


The evil damage caused by an even more evil pothole…


Experimentation with different styles and fabrics for bookcovers. I finally got the pattern and specifics worked out. I am out of practice mode, and they look really great (much better than these below). Check back soon for a tutorial!


Some birthday cards I made, using my Cricut and the Wild Card cartridge.


This weekend, ill post more on the other crafts I made.


I was called in today for my first autopsy. Due to confidentiality and privacy rights, I will not divulge specific details, but I can say that I was fine the whole time. I learned a lot more than I remember, being half asleep and all, but overall it was a neat experience.

Nothing at all bothered me about the so-called gruesome nature of an autopsy. I think growing up with a deer/cow butchering service in my family helped desensitize me quite a bit. Plus, I fully grasp that the procedure will provide closure for the family, so I can look through scientific eyes easy enough.

A quick google search for “autopsy” Continue reading