france: monday 091409

Today was a very exciting day for me! We were to go visit the Lascaux II cave, an exact replica of the original cave, housing some of the oldest known paintings on the earth. I remember taking an ancient art history class, and thinking this was very cool. And once I learned about it in my first anthropology class, the gears clicked and my brain started churning and I found my area of interest.

To get there, we stopped at Montignac to buy tickets. Due to an odd timing issue (mostly involving an English speaking tour guide, but also because the French typically close for lunch), we had to wait a few hours so we wandered around the beautiful town. I tried to pee in what turned into a scary trap, lol. (I wont go into detail but it has to do with no lights turning on after the door shut – and locked – and a single glowing red button – it is true what they say of a red button – NEVER TOUCH IT!)

France_day_six1 France_day_six10

Unfortunately, photos were not allowed inside the cave. It wouldnt be the same anyway – it was a very powerful experience to know the story (as much as it is known) and then see it (even if it is a replica).

We returned to Sarlat and wandered the cobbled streets. I found the fairy cave from the Legend of Zelda! (If only we had a jar…) We ate in the center again, and it was the first (and only) meal that went astray for me.

France_day_six2 France_day_six3 France_day_six4 France_day_six5 France_day_six7 France_day_six6 France_day_six8 France_day_six9 France_day_six11 France_day_six12 France_day_six13

france: sunday 091309

In the morning, we stopped at the Monkey Forest, where we had croque monsieurs for breakfast and then hand fed popcorn to Barbary Apes (which are actually macaque monkeys, not apes – yes there is a difference!). I can now check off something on my ToDoBeforeIDie List – i met a primate! Several in fact, and I wish i could have stayed to watch more closely but we had to get going to our next stop, so a few hours would have to suffice.

Then we drove to Sarlat-le-Caneda, where we stayed at Hotel des Recollets. Inside the greater part of Sarlat is a pedestrian only medieval village, which is where we stayed. It was filled with great architecture and cobbled streets. Our exhaustion caught up to us and we slept many many hours, so there arent very many photos to share.

France_Sarlat-le-Canada2 France_Sarlat-le-Canada3 France_Sarlat-le-Canada4 France_Sarlat-le-Canada5 France_Sarlat-le-Canada6 France_Sarlat-le-Canada7 France_Sarlat-le-Canada8 France_Sarlat-le-Canada10 France_Sarlat-le-Canada9 France_Sarlat-le-Canada11 France_Sarlat-le-Canada12 France_Sarlat-le-Canada13 France_Sarlat-le-Canada14

france: saturday 091209

After our wedding, we drove to the Chateau de la Treyne, on the Dordogne River – another breathtaking place.

This day included a pre-breakfast breakfast (with strawberry juice!!), a hot air balloon ride at Rocamadour, breakfast (with kiwis and personal quiches!), walking around the chateau’s grounds, and a gastronomic dinner that is not possible to imagine (and without photos, youll have to try to imagine it anyway).

France_la_treyne_hot_air_balloon21 France_la_treyne_hot_air_balloon19 France_la_treyne_hot_air_balloon18 France_la_treyne_hot_air_balloon17 France_la_treyne_hot_air_balloon16 France_la_treyne_hot_air_balloon15 France_la_treyne_hot_air_balloon1 France_la_treyne_hot_air_balloon5 France_la_treyne_hot_air_balloon4 France_la_treyne_hot_air_balloon3 France_la_treyne_hot_air_balloon2 France_la_treyne_hot_air_balloon9 France_la_treyne_hot_air_balloon7 France_la_treyne_hot_air_balloon8 France_la_treyne_hot_air_balloon10 France_la_treyne_hot_air_balloon11 France_la_treyne_hot_air_balloon12 France_la_treyne_hot_air_balloon13 France_la_treyne_hot_air_balloon14 France_la_treyne_hot_air_balloon20