ruthys bag

I wanted to make something for my faraway friend Ruthys birthday so while I was on the kick of making bags, i thought, why not? I asked her for her favorite color combos and shes really digging black, red, and white right now. I tried to do something a little edgier for her, and although it didnt turn out just as I had envisioned, it was still neat.


I imagined the red piping to look like part of a shooting star, hence the flaps shape. But its unique anyway so i went with it.


I used contrasting colors for the pockets. The pattern is very similar, but with different size and color.


I have another bag in the works and an eyeglass case or two, plus some other inquiries.  Its great because it generally doesnt cost me anything but my time and i trade that for skill. Huzzah!

Pril and Ay

For my niece – I am a bit late with the April gift, so its two for one this round! The pattern came from FutureGirl, out of the Sasha the Seahorse pattern. Thanks again Alice!


One day Ill get to play with beads and sequins but she is still far too little so nothing but french knots and other embroidery for now. I love love love the shape of sea horses, dont ask me why. I had fun making them, but I will warn you that the adult is just a tad bit more difficult than the baby to make, since you need to combine two pre-stuffed parts (the body to the head). But if I can do it, you can too! :)


So there i was, straightening my sheets the other day and as I flipped the top sheet over to tug the bottom one, I was greeted by this huge monster.


Perhaps he wasnt as mammoth as I had originally thought, but mind you *i was just in the bed*. Literally, like 60 seconds before and it was found right where i lay. He was just shy of a quarter in size. After about an hour search (seriously, what took me so long??) i discovered it is a Parson spider, and although not poisonous, people can have reactions. Hooray.

Its their world too you know. I almost never kills bugs (mosquitos are the only exception). I put him outside so, you know… he can come right back in. But hey, it was raining so i didnt want to go far:P I like to live dangerously.

The other surprise is that I whipped out this glasses case for my MIL. It was a very simple project but i didnt truly follow the directions as you can see from the design. But you can follow them here, from Design Sponge. She always has reading glasses laying around so I thought this would suit her. It is also the first time i got to use the button elevator tool she gave me – very handy indeed!