I was called in today for my first autopsy. Due to confidentiality and privacy rights, I will not divulge specific details, but I can say that I was fine the whole time. I learned a lot more than I remember, being half asleep and all, but overall it was a neat experience.

Nothing at all bothered me about the so-called gruesome nature of an autopsy. I think growing up with a deer/cow butchering service in my family helped desensitize me quite a bit. Plus, I fully grasp that the procedure will provide closure for the family, so I can look through scientific eyes easy enough.

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still no sign of it

But i do have great news! I am so excited to tell you that i happened upon some great fabric. Heidi Grace is one of my most admired collections for scrapping, so you can bet your socks that when i saw the coveted designs in fabric, i just had to buy some!

I promise to do a photo dump once i get the pics transferred…

missing my usb cable

I have several crafts i could talk about but without pictures its like eating pizza without cheese or sammiches without bread!

So instead, hows about my pothole drama? I hit a giant crater and heard a loud distinctive crack. I immediately called Boy and told him i thought i trucked up my car, but I was almost home – literally like a mile left to go. So he stayed on the phone with me and when i came to a stop, i thought “phew, i guess its ok, whatever happened”. Continue reading