WIP-TAST-ic Wednesday 2

Howdy howdy!

I did not work on my stumpwork at all, sadly. But I did start reading The Ashely Book of Knots. Clifford Ashley spent over a decade writing this book, having toured all kinds of industries (but mostly sailing) to learn every knot he could gather. The man is blowing me away – not only did he catalogue a zillion knots, draw them so people can recreate them, and tell some fascinating stories and history about the knots (and himself!), but he also was quite the scientist! He recognized knots have different variables: best use, strength, security, and the like. And so he designed experiments to test them. He even tested left versus right twists in the ropes he worked with (what Mary Corbet notes as S versus Z twist). Indeed, he basically details the theory of knots. Knot theory? Who knew! Ashley attempted to standardize knots also through a discrete numbering system, which has largely been achieved, what with people today relying on this volume as a main reference. Ashley was also an artist and this book is filled with some neat artwork. Honestly, this book is amazing. Why am I reading it? Well, knots are neat. I never really thought about it before I saw the book, but they really are just another type of thread art. So as I explore this volume, I am keeping in mind how a particular knot may help me with embroidery. Plus, I just like learning, so ner.

So here is my first go, knots #1-11. My arrangement is not in this order but instead as follows, left to right, top to bottom: Sheet Bend, Weaver’s Knot, Granny Knot, Overhand Knot, The Noose, Sheepshank, Ring Hitch (also known as Bale Sling Hitch), Marlingspike Hitch, Clove Hitch (aka Watermans Knot, Lark’s Head – Crossed, or Builder’s Knot), and my very poorly crafted Wall Knot and Wall And Crown Knot (I need to find a three-stranded rope, I think).

I also have an almost completed TAST to share! This week is the Buttonhole stitch (the Blanket stitch, though you can knot it). I have just one little thing I need to add, but I couldn’t finish it in time for today’s post. I found so many neat options to do, and I couldn’t possibly fit them on a single little pennant! I think a willow tree would be lovely in this stitch.

But I went with a sea motif – and a pair of lips! You’ll see better photos when it is completed. Again, lessons have been learned. I love studying a single stitch!

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