Acrylic paint workshop

My sister-in-law and I signed up for a super cheap 2-hour acrylic paint workshop at the local library today. We weren’t sure what to expect other than the theme was a winter scene. The artist, Tom, was super nice. As we waited for our layers to dry, he showed us images of some of his work and wow, I can say I’ve now met one of those people who make colored pencil drawings look like legit photographs. I am quite tempted to sign up for one of his more lengthy classes (free through the library, what!). Anyway, this is what our goal was:

And mine, below, didn’t come out too shabby. Though, I do wish these type of courses allowed some extra time at the end for those of us who want to keep exploring. I didn’t quite get mine “just right” and felt a wee rushed. 20 more minutes woulda been great. But at 5$ I am definitely not complaining!!

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